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  1. The Prime Minister is probably on the Board of Directors, so that may not get anywhere. But frankly I'm more concerned with the 'Fastest Ripper in the World' campaign, as it seems to me that this is achieved by a lack of error checking, or file accuracy Verification, judging by some of the comments in other areas of this Forum. It's no use having the 'Fastest Ripper' if the files produced are not accurate, or validated. For this reason I shall probably buy a different product......which is a shame, because the attractive 'Front-End' on this software has a lot going for it. But, a
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    I can understand that reasoning for your 'Free' version, but not for the 'Paid For' version. If other companies who are charging nothing for their software can use Gracenote, why can't you, who ARE charging ? Especially when you admit that it's the best Database.
  3. Having had a chance to read other topics on related forums, I now realize several things! Firstly, I'm sure that I have downloaded the 'Plus' version of this software, on a trial basis, which is not what I had intended to download. Secondly, it seems it is very difficult to download the 'Free' and 'Basic' version, as the screen switches extremely quickly to the 'Paid' version within a matter of seconds! This happens so quickly that it is either extremely bad programming, or pretty 'sharp practice'! As the software itself is really good, I suspect the latter. Which is very
  4. Hi. On the Help Screens it states that that the 'Free' version only supports MP3 and WAV formats, but I do seem to be able to rip in either OGG or FLAC on the Free version I've downloaded. Will this 'Stop' after a period of time, or is the Help info incorrect ? Also, is there a difference between the 2 Databases used [musicbrainz and FreeDB], or are they just alternatives? And if one is better than the other, why offer them both ? Cheers.
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