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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. The main use was going to be automatic call routing so I wanted it to analyse the number and then route it via the cheapest provider for that destination according my programming. But if it can't do that then it is not much use. Shame really. Manually remembering to dial a prefix is too much hassle for my elderly mum. I would habe thought that this would have been one of the most common uses of a PBX software and should be fundamental.
  2. Hi, New to the world of PBX's. I am interested in running my own personal PBX system at home. I have been looking around the forum and Axon but cannot find the answer to a couple of querstions. Can Axon resgister with multiple voip providers for incoming calls onto one extension, I have multiple incoming SIP DID number and would like them all to ring one phone in the house. Can Axon automatically route outgoing calls through different providers based on the starting number. For example if a number begins with 012 route the call via sipgate, if it begins 013 route it via voipstunt, if it begins 014 route it via callcentric etc?
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