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  1. After a day, I suspect no one at NCH cares whether or not I purchase the software, so I'm canceling this request for support, as I fear no answers or suggestions indicate the same level of support if I DID purchase the software. There must be better supported software available and I do not relish working with unsupported music editing software. Do SveDanya.
  2. I just downloaded the trial version in Windows 8.1 and it gave no errors when it installed. HOWEVER, when I loaded an MP3 music file, I am not able to play it! I can record, edit, make changes to options, zoom, most anything I have learned to do in the product, BUT I cannot play. Play button or F9 does nothing. I am creating MP3 files of old LP albums but don't want to purchase this software until I'm confident it will do the job for me to create CD's of my record collection. By the way, I have no issues with sound in anything else.
  3. I ended up patching from Line In to the front Headphones output jack. Specified headphones for the listening device and was able to record perfect audio using Debut. The audio is a bit out of sync with the video, but that's a whole other problem! Thanks for your information!
  4. I think I have that combination in my Radio Shack junk box! I'll give it a try. Thanks for the information.
  5. I have an RCA input that I use to copy old VHS tapes into the PC. But, not a USB. I tried an experiment last night that was somewhat successful. I used a patch cord from the speaker output port over to the Line In port. Then, Line In came alive, and I told it to listen to the speakers. I was able to record the sound from the Internet streaming as I captured it with Debut. However, the sound was tinny and sounded like it was coming from a barrel. I tried to make sure I wasn't using any enhancement or delay features on the speaker side, but so far I have not cleared up that problem.
  6. since I'm trying to capture streaming video coming in from IE and Internet, is it possible that Debut will not record this sound even though it is capturing the screen perfectly?
  7. Oh yes, if I look at sounds in control panel, it shows line-in as "not plugged in".
  8. The Debut screen capture settings have the audio section grayed out, "capture sound" is not checked and the capture device is empty. I cannot change them. If I click on the device tab in Debut, it is empty. I don't see my sound card in there, even tho the speakers work.
  9. I have Windows 7 64-bit o/s. I have 2 speakers but nothing else attached to my pc sound card at this time. I can screen capture video using Debut without any problem, but no matter what I do, no sound is recorded. The speakers work perfectly all the time. When I tried the "fix" suggested in this topic, the line-in option was grayed out since nothing was in it. How do I get around this, and make the right sound settings for Debut?
  10. I am trying to use Debut, latest version, to capture a PBS show that I missed. From PBS.ORG, I stream the show full screen, and have made sure my format is NTSC. However, I've tried avi, mpg, and other options, but the result is very jumpy as if the frame rate is way off. The sound is OK and is synced - best I can tell. The result is not watchable. Are the TV websites sending the old shows in a format that Debut can't capture, or is there a combination that will work? Thanks.
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