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  1. Finally got it figured out - (no thanks to NCH Support) *C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\NCH Swift Sound\IVM\OGMs* If your OGM is named say, MyOGM, its corresponding settings file will be MyOGM.ini Open MyOGM.ini and find the line that says playcompletego. The value here will load the next OGM once MyOGM completes. So edit the PHP script and depending upon the return value, program the script to edit MyOGM.ini and modify the value of playcompletego. Note: I tried contacting NCH Support for help with this issue (which I paid extra for), and they repeatedly ignored my requests and kept saying our developers are looking into it (for several weeks) with no reply. I would recommend saving your money and purchasing no "support" as they were completely useless and unresponsive.
  2. Yeah - I have tried contacting support but the response has (and still is) been VERY slow and since they do not have a telephone support number, I'm kind of hanging right now. Has anyone else out there successfully used a script that returns the NextOGM=xxx output and then used this output to transfer to the corresponding OGM? Essentially, what I would like to determine is that if the issue is with my script or the IVM configuration. If someone has a correctly functioning script (The sample PHP script in the sdk does not even work - improper PHP format) and they could send it to me it would be GREATLY appreciated. Please email the script to rob.wilker@gmail.com THANKS!
  3. Also, on the 'message' tab within the php processing OGM, what should I set the "End of Message" variable to? (Wait:20, Repeat:0, Then.."???") -> Should I set it to 'Go to OGM', 'Goodbye', etc? I obviously want it to go to another OGM, however, this action should be dependant on the script output and will not be the same each time, therefore, I do not think I can set it here.
  4. Python - Made changes as you suggested. Ran the script via the command line and got the following output: C:\Documents and Settings>"C:\Program Files\PHP\php.exe" "D:\WebSites\redemption.php" 11458180 NextOGM=ValidCert C:\Documents and Settings>"C:\Program Files\PHP\php.exe" "D:\WebSites\redemption.php" 11458180 NextOGM=InvalidCert From this output it appears to be operating correctly. However, still no luck with the OGM transfers...here is a dump of my call log: 14:21:39 Answering call... 14:21:40 Answered line [1 "CS"] call number [17] cid [x] did[x] drn[0 (0ms)] 14:21:40 Text-to-Speech Synthesis: Thank You for calling. Please enter your certificate number followed by the hash or pound key. 14:21:44 Caller pressed key [1] 14:21:44 Caller pressed key [2] 14:21:45 Caller pressed key [3] 14:21:46 Caller pressed key [4] 14:21:46 Caller pressed key [5] 14:21:47 Caller pressed key [6] 14:21:47 Caller pressed key [7] 14:21:48 Caller pressed key [8] 14:21:50 Caller pressed key [#] 14:21:50 Variable certificate = 12345678 14:21:50 Command - Go 14:21:50 Open OGM: Process Certificate 14:21:50 Run file: "C:\Program Files\PHP\php.exe" "D:\WebSites\redemption.php" 12345678 14:21:50 Plugin returned so skip to end 14:21:50 Command - Go 14:21:50 Open OGM: 14:21:50 Play system prompt: GoodBye 14:21:51 Play file: NONE 14:22:11 Command - Go 14:22:11 Open OGM: 14:22:11 Play system prompt: GoodBye 14:22:12 Call disconnected 14:22:12 Call has disconnected 14:22:12 Call disconnected 14:22:12 Overall Call Jitter = 5.90 ms 14:22:12 Lost 5 packets during last call. (0.30%) For some reason, IVM is not recognizing and taking action on the command line output (ie.: "NextOGM=ValidCert"). Instead, it seems like it is sitting there idle not sure what it should do next and then finally times out. Grrr....Any ideas?
  5. Python - Thanks for the response. Can't quite seem to get it working though. Can you take a look at my setup below and let me know what you think? My OGM's look like this: Answer OGM: "Insert number followed by pound key". Key Reponse-> Variable Name:'certificate'. #: Go To OGM...Process Process OGM: Run another executable or program: "http://dev.something.com/redemption.php?number=%certificate%" (see below) Message Then..."Goodbye - Polite Hangup" ValidCert OGM: TTS Valid Cert (End of Message-> Then...'Hang Up - Immediate') InvalidCert OGM: TTS Invalid Cert (End of Message-> Then...'Hang Up - Immediate') CertNotFound OGM: TTS Cert Not Found (End of Message-> Then...'Hang Up - Immediate') ..and my PHP script looks like this: <?php $number=$_GET['number']; // Connect to server and select database. $query ="select status from dev1 where cn='$number'"; $result= mysql_query($query); if (!$result) { $message = 'Invalid query: ' . mysql_error() . "\n"; $message .= 'Whole query: ' . $query; die($message); } else { if($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) { extract($row); if ($status==1) { $query1 = "UPDATE dev1 SET status = '0' WHERE cn = '$number'"; $result1= mysql_query($query1); if (!$result1) { $message1 = 'Invalid query: ' . mysql_error() . "\n"; $message1 .= 'Whole query: ' . $query1; die($message1); } print "NextOGM=ValidCert"; } if ($status==0) { echo "status0="; echo "$status"; print "NextOGM=InvalidCert"; } } else { print "NextOGM=CertNotFound"; echo "Not Found"; } } // close connection mysql_close(); ?> I would think it may have to do with the way my OGMs are setup. I have tested the php script using test variables and that seems to be working fine, I just think my interaction between NextOGM and actions programmed within the IVM setup for 'Message Then...' may be messed up. Any Ideas? Cheers!
  6. Can someone help me out with this problem? I have written a PHP script that queries a database, and extracts a value. In this example, lets say that the possible values returned for the variable are 1,2,and 3. What I would like to do is then have the application respond according to this value. i.e. if the value returned is a one, say "the color is blue", if it is a two, text to speech "the color is red", etc. What I am struggling with is how to get the IVM application to perform an action based on a response to the variable. Should this be done via script? This seems like a very common usage so I would imagine someone has figured out a good way to do this, so any help or guidance you can provide would be GREATLY appreciated. Cheers!
  7. RW22281

    IVM Help Wanted

    Hello - I am trying to use the NCH IVM software to complete a simple database check and update function. What I am looking to do is: Upon call answer, user inputs a certificate number. System will query MySQL database for SQL number. Each record will have an active / inactive flag. If the flag is active, update the flag to inactive (and leave timestamp) and return voice to caller stating "Thank you for using this certificate, it is now expired - goodbye". If the flag is inactive or the certificate number does not exist, return voice to caller stating "certificate number is invalid" or "certificate is expired". It seems like a very common use for this type of software. I am able to accept the certificate number and start a query, however, I am having trouble completing the final stages - including the TTS. I am looking for someone who has developed this type of functionality in the past and is looking to do some freelance work to develop this in my environment. If you are intested (I can give you remote access to my development server), please email me at rob.wilker@gmail.com and let me know your experience with the software, price for these services, and an expected timeframe for completion? Thanks
  8. RW22281

    IVM Newbie

    Python - Thanks for the response. I think going with a VoIP solution makes more sense for us for portablilty and cost reduction reasons (no hardware to purchase). In addition, this will allow for an easier transition into a hosted data center due to the fact we will not need to run/install phone lines at a third party location. You mention that Vonage/Skype are 'not as straightforward to connect'. Do you have any suggestions for preferred service providers? Thanks
  9. RW22281

    IVM Newbie

    I am exploring using IVM Answering Attendant to auto-answer all incoming calls on a line, receive a 7-digit input to query a database, and end the call. My question is in regard to what software / phone options would be best served to do this? (i.e. Analog phone v. VoIP, Vonage v. Axon, etc.) Any suggestions / input would be greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone has a setup similar to this and would like to share their config or tips for implementation, that would be great Thanks!
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