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  1. I just bought an iMac and it's the first one I've owned. I installed RecordPAD because it's much simpler than garage band and I'm used to it. When I click "record", the timer doesn't change...it just sits there at 00:00:00. The program DOES record stuff normally and everything else seems to function. It's not a big deal but it's impossible to actually tell if its recording ...I just have to take it on faith and I would like to have a functional timer. anyone else have this problem?
  2. I'll give it a try. Basically in "Mark...Position" you click at the beginning of a segment you want to delete and click "Mark First Position". You then click at the end of the segment and click "Mark Second Position"...then the whole segment is highlighted and you can delete it. It's great for long segments that span beyond the visible spectrum. steve
  3. I was doing great with a 2007 version of wavepad and saw the new version and thought "that'd be nice" so I upgraded and now for some reason I can't "mark" positions to edit out large chunks of audio. this is killing me. I do a lot of interviews and have to edit them down to time and it's almost impossible without being able to mark and delete. anyone else having this problem? your pal, steve
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