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  1. kbcoss

    item sorting

    thanks, will try the 2.12 asap.... gracias keith
  2. kbcoss

    item sorting

    ps...... thanks for any help you give. the program looks like it will work for me well.... just the one snag.....
  3. kbcoss

    item sorting

    version 2.11 we tried 100-001, 100-002, etc,,, also including up to 900-003, 900-500. basically a specific prefix, with a non specific suffix. the list scrambles in no order. so we tried eliminating the hyphen... thinking that was the problem. 100001, 100002 etc up to 900500 , thinking they would assend numerically. but they dont break into a real order... seems random.
  4. kbcoss

    item sorting

    i am having a confusing problem. when you hit "item" when in the item catagory page. it should sort from lowest to highest part #. but the #s come out in random order. IE: it should sort 001, 002, 003 and so on. but it randomly lists part #s, 002,001,003. how can i get it to list the part #s in thier numeric order ?
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