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  1. Is there somewhere to adjust the rewind speed in Express Dictate? My secretaries can adjust their rewind speed when using Express Scribe, but I don't have anything in the options on Express Dictate to rewind faster. As my office is transferring from tape dictation to digital dictation, it would be nice to set this program up to rewind (for reviewing) at the same speed that we are used to with the tapes.
  2. I'd vote for the Philips SpeechMike Classic - the one with the slide switch.
  3. I have set up Express Dictate to upload the dictated files to my FTP host. I have also set up Express Scribe to be able to access the FTP host to download the files. What I would like to be able to do is have the person using Express Scribe go in and view all the files on the FTP host and then select one to download (based on office location, priority marking, or other factors) while leaving the rest of the files on the host for the next typist. Currently the only way I can figure out to get files from the FTP host on Express Scribe is to click the Sync button, which then pulls the next file regardless of priority marking (and doesn't let the typist look over the file names to decide whether or not she should attempt the transcription at her location - we have three offices). Anyone know a solution to my problem?
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