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  1. OK guys what did I do wrong????????? I've always considered myself "reasonably" smart (which I realize is a relative term!!!) but this blows me away! I purchased SoundTap 1.1 tonight. I even read the instructions. I also set up a download folder on my desktop called Radio downloads (original title there!). I found the pgm I wanted to d/l (a bbc4 show called McLevy). I hit the "start recording" button and it said that it was recording. After 45 mins the show was thru and I hit the "stop recording" button. I looked forward to hearing the show again and then burning it to a cd. Guess what? Nowhere was the show to be found. There was no show ... zilch, nada, niente. So what did I do wrong? Other that trying to record a bbc4 murder mystery? ANY help will be appreciated. Thanks, Jim
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