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  1. I am currently running Axon 2.04 on a Win 2K3 box. I have a SHT-4B/USB analog trunk card plugged in and working for 1 of my PSTN lines that bridges to the Carousel FXO Gateway and rings on Group 702. I have 3 other PSTN lines that I would like to bridge to 3 diferent and seperate Groups. any help would be appreciated.
  2. I am having a big problem. I am running Axon 2.04 on an Win 2K3 box with Synway/CAHTA 4 Port USB telephony device. When I tested my device, it checked out perfectly. I test dialed into the analog line and observed the change in state from Idle, to Ringing. I then used the test application to pickup the line and the state the changed to Talking. I have the latest drivers intstalled and the server sees the device. However, when I go into Axon to bridge my analog trunks onto the interal VoIP system, the device does not show up. I even changed USB ports with no sucess and added a USB 2.0 hub with no sucess. HELP!!!!!!!!
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