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  1. Hi python poole, Thanks for your response. It's definitely a bit of a worry and i'm not sure it's reasonable to be pushing the linux version on the NCH site when it's clearly not ready for production. At the very least a clear warning about it's current status would have saved me a lot of time, I'm not very happy about that. Short of hearing back from NCH re a full production ready and tested version, I'll be organising a refund today. I should add that IVM for Linux doesn't even uninstall. A note to *nux users, in lieu of a working and properly tested Axon, I compiled and deployed As
  2. I'm new around here, hi I purchased Axon for Linux (Business version) recently and it seems it's completely unstable. The only version I can download from nch and other mirrors: > is v1.3 Beta, > cannot be activated, > has problems with synchronizing interface / settings on disk > seems quite a bit older than the win32 version > has a dodgy init script (now resolved) I can't activate it?! There's nothing anywhere in the application that lets me do that.. spent aaages trying to work it all out and there's no information anywhere to support the linux versions unle
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