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  1. I'm still having trouble with mine. I did everything tech support suggested but it still keeps coming back. Arggh
  2. I just got this message back from my school: The program itself is safe but for some reason that particular file has been tagged by some Anti-Virus programs that find the file to be malicious software. If you have the ability to have your anti-virus ignore this file, that is your best option.
  3. When I try to use the foot pedal setup wizard (I am using the VEC Infinity option) my virus program keeps warning me about a virus and blocking it. It was working fine all along and then just yesterday when I looked at my computer, there was a warning of a malicious code in piehid.dll which is part of Express Scribe. I uninstalled and reinstalled the program but keep getting it. Anybody else have this problem. I am using Windows XP. Thanks.
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