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  1. Just missed your needed version, looking thru the files that i have... 2.14, 2.17 and 2.21 is it..sry. gk
  2. hi, i use 2.14 (and have the exe still) gk giantkin at giantkin dot com
  3. giantkin


    all this... and i am expected to pay for the new version of the product. lol. if i would have realized... i wouldnt have bothered watching the versions. I would have also expected a lower price point. Rather expensive for unsupported software. Guess ya learn to read the fine print. gk
  4. giantkin


    discount column after begging for this as an option, i was heard!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! It looked Unprofessional and misleading. Now it looks Perfect! Finally upgrading from 2.14 to the latest version 2.21! woot! The programming gods have answered! gk (and thanks for pointing out that i missed it Graham!)
  5. and the discount column after begging for this as an option, i was heard!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! It looked Unprofessional and misleading. Now it looks Perfect! Finally upgrading from 2.14 to the latest version 2.21! woot! The programming gods have answered! gk
  6. \ Sry, from what you ask for....it seems like you get that in the unpaid accounts line, as you state yourself... not sure what your trying to say... have to check mine, as far as i know, if an invoice is partially paid... the partial payment is taken off the invoice, leaving the lesser balance showing... so your total is still running. (oh, i didnt test 2.2 for this issue: if you edit the invoice, and mark it PAID...it still shows as unpaid everywhere else. You have to still 'apply payment' to that invoice. (not sure if thats a ...bug or not... but its something to be aware of.) gk
  7. Sry, i didnt look for this problem... I still use 2.14 I only test the new version and see if they have fixed the major change of the discount column. (looks tacky) and if you dont give discounts, this makes it look like you DO, just not to them! Lucky i got 2.14 i suppose... if i would have tried 2.16 I wouldnt have bought it. gk
  8. giantkin


    Unfortunately, my requests, bug reports, suggestions, etc. have fallen on deaf ears again... 2.20 still has this problem. Hopefully the next release it will be fixed!! heh. heres hoping anyhow Meanwhile, i still LOVE the PAID version of 2.14 that i use. gk
  9. i'll TRY to explain some of this... (i setup the thing same way initially) you have to have an INCOME account, and a bank account. when i do a recievable, you are adding it to your bank account, VIA your income account... so you would see a dble post.... however, you might have set your income account incorrectly, so its minusing your addition... yup, thats possible! if your just starting...to fix, start with the Preset ones, and just del the ones you KNOW you dont need.... Trace the way an incoming payment is made, same with a payout...which accounts it uses etc. your balance goes up when it does this and that, etc. yes this is a horrid answer.... but this way YOU get to know what is going on, and you can set your accounts up on your own correctly. Hope this didnt make it worse for ya... not always easy to explain some things!! hehe gk
  10. giantkin


    Hi So far, my complaint as well. If you can find Version 2.14 the discounts is a BUTTON not a column. the button allows you to add a discount on a per line basis. No where does it show, if you DONT want a discount, (exactly what you are looking for) I am a PRO user, stuck back in 2.14 hoping the next version they fix this issue, BACK to what it was before. to me the new look is very unprofessional, and as you said, makes it look like you SHOULD have given a discount, but didnt do so. If you need a 2.14 version, let me know. giantkin @ giantkin . com I use sandboxie to test new releases as they come out. It 'installs' i can use the new version, and as soon as i close it, it gets removed as if it never existed. Then, if its fixed, i'll jump on the new version! cant wait! gk
  11. Sorry, would have answered sooner.....but didnt see it til now the Paid version: your able to login remotely with more than 1 account. Unpaid is limited to just 1. The order #'s Should increase exactly that way, with every new order, getting a new number, no matter Who does it. Setting up an account for each user, you need to also add the 'Sales' persons name in the sales box. (not sure why this wasnt taken from the account list...but anyhow) I set all the items up on the 'main' program, then from the web can add the item to the invoice and the price shows up. Unfortunately i havent tried to set up an item remotely, so cant answer that question...sry! hope i helped at least a bit.... gk
  12. Actually, again 2.14, someone else needs to test this themselves...for the 2.16 and 2.18 versions, if you make an invoice, and mark it PAID as you do it, it still lists it as UNPAID. instead, mark it unpaid when u make it, and later add the payment, seems to work. (hope this was fixed in one of the newer versions...I wont test that, until 2.20 comes out, hopefully fixing my problems with the Discount changes. Thanks gk
  13. Ya, very seldom would this be needed..... but without deleting each entry in the journal...is there a way to start fresh? Uninstall/reinstall would of course do it, but if multiple accounts.... that would affect that. (hm, thinking aloud here) then i suppose you could export the files of the Setups that you want to keep, and import them later. i think i solved it. Thanks! gk
  14. open up EI, on the top left click: Invoice go down to Multiple Businesses (click that) Click Add new business. Follow same steps as you did for the first business. gk
  15. actually, i have found an error with it. version 2.14 however... and in 2.16 and 2.18 its been ...somewhat fixed. (bypassed really) Tho, i have untested this directly. in 2.14 (version i use) you add a discount by LINE. (which Looks great) in 2.16+ the discounts are in Column, which looks unprofessional. I did NOT test this, but as it directly changes the subtotal by line, it would be correct at the totals. in 2.14 the discount line is not counted at all. Just the Line of the adds, not the subs. So, of course, if the option is replaced, this would need to be adjusted accordingly. (altho i dont personally USE the unpaid report often, I assume that the program might use that to determine whom to send invoices to, rather than each invoice individually. (unsure) Thanks for pointing out what you thought was an error, so i had to check mine! lol. gk
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