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  1. Here is a guide: How to convert Audio CD to mp3 format?
  2. Unfortunately, I don't know if Switch can convert .midi files to mp3 or wav. As an alternative I would recommend trying MIDI to MP3 Converter. It converts files in a few seconds without using any sound card or synthesizer. It uses so called "Soundfonts". Soundfonts are files that contain recorded samples of different musical instruments. Musicians can use specialized soundfonts for piano, guitar, trumpet etc. That is, you can select any instruments and convert to mp3 with excellent quality. You can download a free trial version of it.
  3. Zely

    Stamp Tag Editor

    Personally, I use mp3Tag Pro. With this program I can not just change the order of songs, but also sort my music files. For example, if you have a number of files from different albums and by different artists in one folder, you can sort them by artist, by albums... For example, it is possible to sort your music collection by genres: %G\%A\%Y - %L\%# - %T
  4. Hm...you can also check PC File Transfer. It's a good remote access tool that can transfer files between computers. You can transfer files simply by dragging and dropping them to the right locations.
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