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  1. I can't really say much more about our issue. We had Fling configured to upload files every 30 minutes on one folder tree that contains log files written to very often, and confiured to upload automatically on any file change another folder tree that contains exes and config files etc that hardly ever change. We have this exact same setup on several other computers without any issues, but on this particular computer I saw in task manager that the number of handles in use by Fling was continually growing. Without being able to reproduce this problem I doubt you'll ever be able to fix it, the problem may not even be with your software. The laptop that this was running on has recently developed a problem with its screen, so has been replaced, the issue has not been seen on the new laptop. Thanks for looking in to this for us, as far as I'm concerned there is no longer an issue, I expect SOMDWX will reply with more details that could help. Thanks, Brad77
  2. Using Task Manager I can see the number of handles in use by Fling increases each time a folder is scanned and uploaded, but does not decrease again after the upload is finished. (There are usually 2 instances of Fling running, one as the current user and one as SYSTEM, it is the system one that appears to leak handles) After approx 2 weeks the computer becomes unresponsive and my software has error messages like "the system lacked sufficient resources" or "the system lacked sufficient buffer space". I have upgraded the version of Fling used to v2.23 I currently have Fling on a number of other computers, all of which run without any problems. Has anyone else noticed this issue? Does anyone know of any other software that could be interfering with Fling and causing this issue? Thanks, Brad.
  3. I'm trying to use Fling to automatically ftp some files. Everything works well except the destination site is running Unix, so all the windows carriage return line feed (CRLF) characters at the end of each line become ^M in the destination file. I've been told that using ftp in ascii mode will solve this, so the question is: Is it possible to make Fling use ascii mode? and if so how? Thanks, Brad.
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