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  1. Well I can answer my own question now. yes it works just fine. Setup Axom to use the gateway as the Asterisk box, and setup Asterisk to register it as a sip phone. Registered right up and placed calls to and from my pri services. (yes I'd like to use a VOIP provider but I'm still under a long contract that I can't get out of so I'm stuck with PRI service for a few years :\ )
  2. The asterisk card's are actualy by digium (www.digium.com) I have a 4 port pri card and a 1 port pri card. I'm not happy with the asterisk software. I posted in another forum if I could allow my assterisk box to just be the sip gateway and then rely on axom to do call routing/registrations etc etc in antohe rpost.
  3. I currently use Asterisk and I'm wanting a graphical interface preferably on windows. I've downloaded Axon and setup a sip phone so far it looks great. I haven't found any PRI gateways yet but would I be able to use Asterisk as a simple PRI gateway to the Axiom box for incoming and outgoing calls?
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