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  1. To further the above post, Here are the steps I take. Open Invoice List in Express Invoice Then select an invoice for £10 and click Payment Fill in the payment form, ie £10 and the value cash. with Update Express Accounts ticked, then click Record. This then brings up the Receipts and Desposits box Within the top section, for transaction details this has the main account I would like to enter this into and £10. At the bottom, it shows "Amount not ye applied to an acocun (out of balance (£10) ??????? My only way around this is to click on Add, and then add the main account aga
  2. I have an invoice in Express invoices, when i click on Payment - I wish to record a cash payment which has then been input into our account on Express accounts I enter the information and then have to add an account part when recording a receipt and deposit. When I then look in the journal it shows as two duplicate lines, one being CR of the amount and one being DR of the amount - so it doesn't record Does anyone know why this happens, or how i should record the above? Thanks
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