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    Hello, I am looking into buying Dragon Preferred and wanted to know if it is compatable with MSRS?
  2. Hello, I am in desperate need of some help. My laptop crashed and now I need to reinstall my MSRS. I have my invoice, serial number and everything but can not get a hold of anyone at nch to help me! Any advice?
  3. Sharon, I also wanted to add I am too concerned about doing readbacks, I was under the impression this software would have "hot keys" and would be easy to differentiate speakers, witness, judge, etc., I see you can add bookmarks/ notes and timestamps but not sure how that will work for me either. If I figure it out I will let you know!
  4. Sharon, Hello, Just wanted to respond to you on the MSRS. I purchased this software back in June and due to the fact that I have a new baby have not used it much yet but hope and pray it will work for me! I am a newly cetified court reporter in the state of Missouri, (voice writing) and hope to be able to use the msrs software to start out then eventually use a CAT system. I am finally starting to work with it and would love to stay in touch with you because I have found in the past it seems a lot of this is learning it hands on and on your own yikes! Unfortunately right now I probably will not be of much help to you but will be getting very serious working on the software now and its functions so please do not hesitate to contact me with anything. If I can help I would be glad to.
  5. marilyn15


    Hello, I am a voice writer and newly certified in the state of Missouri, my main goal will be to have CAT software and realtime, but to get started I purchased the MSRS software with the hopes to get started before I make the big financial leap into the CAT software which is inevitible, but want to try and start off small and go from there. I have not had the time yet to work with this software much yet ( I have a new baby) but I think it is a great product so far, I am only curious on how well I will be able to mark my speakers i.e.: Q. and A. but I am still working on that. I will be using a sound card from Andrea Electronics and a usb adapter from Andrea Electronics. They are a highly recommended company. I am located in Illinois, but will work in Missouri. Good luck to you and sorry I am not of more help but hope to be on my way soon! I am still learning everyday too! The court reporters forum is a great place to find info/advice. You may want to check it out!
  6. marilyn15


    Hello, I am trying to figure out how to put markings in for different speakers, I use a closed microphone (steno mask) and a room mic and need to be able to mark for when each speaker is talking so I can differentiate them when I need to do a read back, can anyone help with this? Thanks, Joanne
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