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  1. Hi, This is my point - to save recording to a file and run executable that compares it against the pre-recorded original. It would have not been an easy task, but I found the software, which can do that quite well. That's another point: if I have voice quality testing software then I don't need speech recognition for this particular case. And you are right: I am trying to test the voice quality of the system by playing a sound through the phone mic and comparing it to the original sound recording.
  2. Hi, I would like to ask the community about the following idea of automating IVR system testing: - call initiation and user interaction are programmed with SIP - when receiving response from IVR system I record it and compare against the original file. If I receive more than 80% of files similarity then test passed, if less than 50% then failed and if more than 50% and less than 80% then I repeat test. I believe this can save a lot of time testing IVR system... Thanks!
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