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    OGM doesn't Play

    Switch to Venta Fax and Voice. It takes a bit more effort to set up the 'white' and 'black' lists but your audio will route to the modem correctly. I had to give up IVM because of the same issue you're having right now.
  2. This is a fatal flaw in the NCH drivers affecting all Windows versions beyond XP and all IVM versions beyond 4.x. The sound is routed to the PC speakers instead of the modem line by mistake. NCH was notified of this last year but is not offering any fix. It appears they are abandoning the product altogether.
  3. This is a fatal flaw in all versions beyond 4.x. You'll find it happens in Vista and Windows 7, all flavors. It's not that your callers can't hear the OGMs per se, the audio is simply being sent to the PC Speakers instead of the modem line by mistake. It's a problem with the NCH drivers. If you switch to another product like Venta Fax and Voice, you'll be able to use your modem just fine and the audio will be routed properly. That's what I had to do. NCH was notified of this issue a year ago and hasn't offered any fix. It appears Answering Attendant is now abandon-ware.
  4. I can tell you for a fact this is an NCH developer issue, not a problem with the driver. I ran into the same issue with my modem so I ran through NCH's troubleshooting tips and got no joy. Feeling adventurous, I tried duplicating the issue with a different product. I chose Venta Fax & Voice to troubleshoot. Wouldn't you know, my IVR functionality worked fine with Venta! The answering machine played through the modem properly instead of routing to the speakers. Venta is a vastly inferior product though, setting up something akin to IVM is a real PITA so I would prefer to stay with IVM. I challenge NCH software support to try the same thing and see what I'm talking about. The modem I'm using is not on the preferred list, but it is 100% TAPI compliant and again, it works fine with Venta so the driver is set up correctly and works as expected provided the software on the other end is programmed correctly. The modem I've got is even a USB modem! It's an Hiro H50113. Here's the specs. It's even Vista and Windows 7 compliant! So yeah, NCH needs to stop pointing fingers, turn that hand around and point to themselves.
  5. Wait, seriously, NO ONE has an answer to this??? Is the functionality broken??
  6. Hi guys. This question might seem silly but I've seriously googled my fingers raw and can't find an answer to what should be a common question. When using the caller blocking functionality, you can block calls based on caller id. That works fine with specific numbers eg: 555-555-5555. The IVM instructions state you can also block calls based on a number prefix, which will block all calls starting with the desired prefix. To date I have been unable to get that to work however. I use semicolons to block all numbers that are known eg: 111-111-1111; 222-222-2222; etc. But when I try to block all of the 888, 800 numbers, I can't get it to work. I've tried using %888%, 888*, +888, etc but nothing stops all numbers starting with 888, IVM just ignores my entries and lets all the calls though. So what is the proper usage of a "number prefix" to block all calls with that prefix. Please provide a specific example. Your documentation should probably be updated with that also to help out other folks like me.
  7. Well I was looking for something simpler than Icecast and DarkIce to get the station up and running. No disrespect to either package, but it requires a level of Linux administration you might want the more "novice" users to steer clear of. I was hoping Broadwave would fit the bill since the Windows version was VERY easy to install and maintain. I'm more than disappointed with the Linux version of this software. At any rate, I just found GNUMP3d in the Synaptic library and I'm taking that for a test drive now. Looks promising so far! AND IT'S FREE! (*gnudge gnudge* NCH).
  8. I found mp3el.component in the opt/nch/broadwave/bin folder. Well, kudos for me. It's a script that will run in terminal, so I ran it! It failed miserably. So I moved the mp3el.component file to the "component" folder and restarted the app. Still failure. Broadwave will NOT run on Linux because the mp3el component for linux systems is quite simply broken. Also, the app incorrectly attaches to a /dev/null device! Every other piece of software I run (audigy, rhythmbox, amarok, audacious, movie player etc) sees I have an Ensoniq AdioPCI (Alsa mixer) and attaches to the Master stream appropriately. They ALL run fine. But not Broadwave! Instead it attaches to /dev/null which is USELESS and even IF the stream ran...it would be running NOTHING. This is the WORST Linux distro I've ever seen. Definitely not ready for prime time. I would suggest (and just did in an email to their support group) that they take it DOWN off of the website until they get it fixed because this product clearly was released untested and unproven on any Linux platform. VERY BAD SHOW NCH!!
  9. Wow. This post is nearly a year old and NO reply! I WAS going to suggest purchasing this to a local non-commercial radio station, but I just installed this on my Ubuntu machine to test it out before we toss it on a Fedora server and I have the same problem with mp3el!!! The linux installation errors out and says "mp3el is missing. mp3el is required for Broadwave to run." OK...WHERE IS MP3EL for a linux distro!!! As stated above, don't get clever with the windows mp3el.exe file as that doesn't do squat in linux. HELP!
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