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  1. Tip of the day: Once you have all your firewalls properly set to work with Broadwave and have the listener uplink posted on your website, test the links from a public library computer. If it's really working, Windows Media Player will launch and it will work loud and clear.
  2. Hi I have a smooth jazz radio station which streams worldwide using Broadwave. I love this software because (and the key word is) once you figure out how to make it work, it runs just beautiful. I've had over 5000 listeners on my radio station, who have tuned in from every corner of the world. All of which have been totally amazed at the music and audio quality at which I stream my radio station. I'd like to make a few suggestions that might help solve your problem. The first problem you might encounter when trying to make a public internet stream work on Braodwave is FIREWALL issues. Ch
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