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  1. Here is the codec: http://www.mt2mt.com/showthread.php?10-OKI-ADPCM-Codec-Windows-XP-2000-WAV-FILES-WILL-NOT-PLAY-FROM-DICTAPHONE
  2. Sounds like either the software or the hardware is picking up false key presses. I had the same problem and was never able to resolve the issue. I spent about 6 months and would put myself at an advanced level with dictation systems, cards and computers in general.
  3. I abandoned the system. Support was horrible. I tried 2 different board manufacturers that NCH suggested. Neither "helped" the problem, although synway was much better with support and such. All in all - I lost about 4,000 dollars on it. I spent the extra money and moved to Audioworxs and brooktrout cards. My problems included limited customizability, false key presses (constantly), and the system kicks everyone off when you add a user.. so that makes it good for about 1 user.
  4. I have also found a few codecs in which Vista does not support - those being: OKI ADPCM and ADPCM - I have contact the manufacturer of the hardware that is producing these codecs - they basically said that I was out of luck. If I see anything - I'll let you know - if you do the same for me.
  5. Every time you send a file over an e-mail - you are just giving your clients information away. Just so you know, use encryption. Any network guy can show you a spine tingling example of why you don't do this.
  6. Solution can be found here: http://www.mtchat.org/express-scribe-won-t...files-t200.html
  7. I'm jealous - I have been waiting for a response since November of 2007.
  8. Synway was 600% more helpful than DialDictate - really - I have found 3 points where the Synway card was working correctly and the DialDictate software was just not picking up the right signals... I don't believe that the Synway card is the highest end - but I can't doubt them when all they give me is code that I have to forward on to DialDictate in order to get something fixed...
  9. I had similar problems as well with DD. Response from NCH was very poor - I had waited 3 months and did not get a response. I e-mailed about once a month to check on the progress and was met with "why do you keep bothering us" response.
  10. These are not features supported by Dial Dictate. It is certainly not a system that will allow you to deploy in large environments, it might be a good system for 10 doctors and below.
  11. 1. Zero 2. You can't. 3. Nope. 4. I haven't tried this. 5. I think as many as you can get on one card. I had 16 going at one time. 6. N/A 7. The worst - had a problem in November, and actual bug in their system that they admitted they were "working" on - Still haven't heard back from them - I have since abandonned their system. (I had paid for support as well) 8. Non-existent - if you call them on the phone, they seem bothered by you. All and all - my advice is to stay away - I *had* about 13 months experience using the system, nothing but bugs - sound quality is bad and th
  12. This solution might solve the problem: http://mtchat.org/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=200
  13. Here is a solution: http://mtchat.org/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=200
  14. I agree with everyone else that the problem is not fixed, I have seen this on at least 10 other machines. Uninstalling and reinstalling worked for one of them - so there are still 9 that I know of that do not play dss files.
  15. Yeah - I have been waiting about 3 months for a response on a problem with their system. I have sent lots of e-mails, but I get an agitated response back. My problem is a genuine software bug in which the "short review" feature does not work. I handed off the logs illustrating the problem - they told me they were going to get back to me...
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