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  1. Hi .. some one know how to put to work an Uplink and Aszkoia PBX ? (www.askozia.com)


    It is a Asterix PBX but you can not edit the .conf files in the asterisk folder like yes on Trixbox or Elastix as ex.


    I created a SIP Provider called Skype, with user pass and extension as 1111 and tell to Askozia that NOT CONECT to the Provider (i make the some thing to can use a Linksys SPA 3000 as analog SIP FXO and work great)


    And on the UpLink i put the IP address of SIP PBX the user and pass that i declararate on the SIP Line Skype, on the dial plane of Skype SIP Line on Askozia PBX, i put 8|. as a rule so, the user can dial 80013054445555 and can call to some phone of miami area as ex.


    But when some one dial 8 and the rest of the numbers ... the Askozia hungup quiclky and in the Uplink windows not appear nothing. (the same rule but with 9|. i use on the Sipura SIP Line Provider on Askozia and works veri nice).


    So how its not work, i make a New SIP Phone, with the extension 2222 same pass and user ... and put in Uplink these thata, so the Uplink registrer fine (before with only the data in uplink related to the user and pass of Skype SIP Line it never register), if i dial the extension of Uplink, it show on her window a Incoming Call, but never answer, and i do not know how to pass the rest of the numbers to can make the call acrross the Skype.


    If some one callme from the Skype the call pass to the Askozia PBX, becose i declare that quen some skype call enter on the uplink it call to a ring group on the Askozia PBX.


    I was try some time ago Uplink with Axon, and 3CX and its work fine, but never yet with Askozia or Elastix or Trixbox, i like put to work on Askozia becose it use to little memory on my VMWare Server :).-


    I know that some people put to work with Trixbox (some thing that elastix, both use FreePBX :)), but in Askozia i do not know how change the sip.conf and extensions.conf files, i cant enter to the box via SSH or telnet, or winscp (best like old norton commander :) ).-


    Some one can help me ??? !!!!!!!!!!!!


    Thanks a lot to every one.


    Remember i cant edit the .conf files on the askozia (edit easy)


    Hi Tixe,


    I know it'a a long time since your post, but I just read it...


    In fact you can edit conf files in Askozia:

    There are a couple of hidden pages in addition to those in the webGUI to aid in troubleshooting problems:


    /exec.php - execute shell commands, download / upload files

    /status.php - show system status (df, ps, etc.), xml config, raw logs, sip/iax registrations/peers, generated .conf files

    /diag_editor.php - file editor

    /debug_isdn.php - captures ISDN debug output


    This is on the Askozia web site.

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