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  1. I was tinkering with the settings in Dial Dictate, and I think I forced the program to only be run under the administrator account. Now I cannot open the program or reinstall the program because I keep getting the following message: "The current user does not have permission to use Dial Dictate. Please speak to Dial Dictate administrator for access" I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software - I get the message. I tried activating my administrator account and reinstalling - I get the message I have no idea how to remove these access rights to this program even after uninstalling it. Can anyone help ?
  2. If it were left up to the speaker, everything would be a priority and everything would have a deadline of today.
  3. I am using Dial Dictate v4.22. Spradically, I get the following message in conjunction with my VOIP connection. Do you know what is causing this? 15:03:13 Unable to use UPnP for NAT routing (UPnP failed) 15:03:13 Unable to auto-detect public IP. Using private IP
  4. I was curious of what other users of Express Delegate are using to achieve an electronic signature requirement. I know this feature is not a standard within the application, but I was curious of what others are doing to achieve this. Are you writing custom code ? Have you implemented a procedure using the built in functionality of ED ? I am a fairly new user of the application, and I like it. I've been running it for about 6 months now in conjunction with DD and VOIP phone lines. I am pretty versed in database management and software development, so I am not afraid to dig in if need be.
  5. I have recently upgraded to Windows Vista (probably my first mistake). I am in the midst of configuring my new machine by installing Dial Dictate. Just to test it, I tried to use the Call Simulator. When I pressed the connect call button, the voice recording executes, but it does not allow for access key entry. The keypad is dimmed out, and the only button that is available is the connect call button. Any idea what is happening here? I do not have this issue on my XP machine. I am running ver. 4.14 09/16/09 - Additionally I noticed that I have access to the keypad on the screen while the voice prompt is executing, however once the voice prompts complete, the keypad is dimmed out preventing access.
  6. I really like the current version of Express Delegate, however I have found that the overview screen does not refresh as activity is being carried out in the process. For example, items that appears in dictation status will not reflect that they are being dictated or completed until the web page is manually refreshed. It would be nice if there was a parameter that could be set such that the page refreshes at a particular interval. Thanks
  7. I have Express Delegate 4.03, and I am attempting to create a new FTP auto import source. After filling in the FTP server information I get the following message: Server "www.relsolutionsmt.com" is OK. Logon details are OK. Directory changed OK. Current directory is: / Contains: [no files] Unable to upload to the server Because of the last line, I am unable to save the source. Any idea why I am getting the upload error?
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