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    VRS on Ubuntu 9.10

    Hello, I have downloaded VRS for linux version and tried installing on Ubuntu 9.10. After launching VRS application, i tried to add a new channel (Eg:- Channel 2: Right as mono where as Channel 1: Left as mono.) resulting VRS application hanged. I tried installing VRS using wine2.1 on ubuntu 9.10, installation was successful and i am able to configure two independent channels but here the problem is iam not able to make recording ON/OFF using a VRS remote control. As my requirement is VRS (Native version)should work on ubuntu 9.10 with VRS remote control operation
  2. rajani


    Hello, im using VRS recording system software and im not able to play the recorded files using an other player (Coolplayer) and these files i'm able to play in windows media player,...
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