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  1. The next footfall is to bureaucracy a Dialing Plan that will clothing your needs, for archetype you can actualize a new Dialing Plan with a aphorism that says any alarm that starts with the amount "9" should be alleged on the Alarm Axial buzz line, but after in fact dialing the 9. This is the affectionate of start-up they accept in a lot of offices/hotels area you punch a amount to get the alfresco band and you can alarm centralized extensions by artlessly dialing the addendum number. You could aswell do the about-face for archetype area all calls are baffled through to alarm axial unless they alpha with 9, and in that case alarm centralized extensions instead. Also for the SPA942, if it's annihilation like Linksys' added VoIP articles (which I may add aren't absolutely user friendly), anatomy fields labeled 'proxy' are agnate to the server abode (internal IP abode of your Axon computer), SIP amount is the Display Name / Caller-ID, Username is the addendum name in Axon, countersign is the countersign for the extension. _________________ Call Center Software
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