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    Slice problem

    I have the same problem, i.e. an mp3 file of 234mb lasting 11h 23m 13s. I want to slice this into 30 minute segments. I have set all the parameters correctly and I get 23 files all 195 bytes and obviously they Won't play. OS: Vista 32 Home Premium CPU: AMD Phenom 9500 quad core RAM 2GB Drive: 260GB free space I also searched the faq section and was advised to download mp3el.exe. I downloaded and installed but no difference, still lots of files that are too short and won't play! Had hopes for this software but not so sure now. First post was 15th August last year, Added to tracker 8 moths & 7 days later - April 22nd 2009. It is now May 10 just short of a year from the first complaint and still not rectified. I know Slice is free with the line Slice is offered free in the hope you will try related software, well not much hope of that if it takes such a long time to get the software to you claim it does. Guess for now I'll uninstall and find something that does work and splits my large mp3 into usable smaller files. I cannot wait another 11 months.
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