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    Version Numbers

    It would be nice to have a reference to version numbers when checking on updates. I have a paid 4.25Intel version for Mac. I occasionally will check the forum to see if there is an update. All I ever see is updates for Windows. Never really know for sure if there is or is not any updates for the Mac. Maybe on your download page, would it take that much to put in brackets what version(s) are available??
  2. I purchased Express Burn Plus, specifically for the purpose of thinking I could burn an .avi file movie download to the DVD so as to be able to play it is a DVD player. WRONG. The software says it does not recognize the .avi as a valid video file. So just what DOES this software recognize? Or what am I doing wrong? Running Mac OS 10.6.1 The audio burning and dvd data burning works fine. The DVD video so far sucks....
  3. Installed Mac ClassicFTP. Configured FTP servers for websites. BUT, it takes forever to connect to the server, AND when I upload even 1 file, it seems it takes forever to upload and then the software sits there until a verification line comes up saying transfer was successful. If a 1K file takes 1-2 minutes to upload until the program releases it self to take the next action...well...there seems to be a problem. Just to test the servers, I went to another computer, used another FTP program, and uploaded a 200k test file and it took less than 15 seconds. So it is NOT the servers. Is there a setting(s) in either ClassicFTP or in the MacOSX software that needs changing? If not, and this is how it is going to perform, then I need to move on to something else.
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