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  1. I did not realize Gold support terms expire. Thanks.
  2. I will be checking DWP and if the voice files are not there (for whatever reason they would not have transferred using Express Dictate) then it has to be the user downloading incorrectly. Of note, we will be upgrading our whole process in a year using Express Dictate system. I was going to pay for the Delegate upgrade of 300 dollars but realized that the Express Dictate software and the MT Express Scribe software all needs to be upgraded for the newest version of Delegate to run. I will be in contact after tomorrow's visit to my work office. I have paid for support but one of the emails yo
  3. Yes they are named by the Digital Wave Player. 10 other people are using the system and no one is having problems. I did notice in Express Delegate there are two missing numbers (B1716 and B1717). There are voice files before these numbers and voice files after these numbers all numbered and accounted for. I am going to check the Express Dictate recovery file folder and then DWP software. I believe this problem occurs between his download from dictaphone to PC using DWP. The missing voice files are two files that would have been at the beginning of the transfer. I have to establish that
  4. I was going to upgrade my Express Delegate to the newest version but I noticed that the MTs have 4.27 ExpressScribe and the Doctors use 5.04 Express Dictate. I noticed that newest version of Express Delegate will not work with our older versions of Dictate and Scribe. Is it necessary to have to upngrade Express Dictate and Express Scribe just to upgrade Delegate?
  5. I am still having issues with this doctor. All other phyisicans and NPs use the same system, same dictaphones. What I found after extensive searching is that he has two voice files that are "skipped" that are not recorded, and are not in the "out" box of Delegate. I am wondering if they could still be sitting on the DWP software because they are not recorded at all by the Express Dictate software. But if that is the case how would Express Dictate know there are two voice file numbers missing? These two numbers are either at the end of a download or the beginning of the next download.
  6. 3.0 which used to run just fine with the other 11 doctors.
  7. This has happened to me when I KNOW that the dictation was downloaded and "lost". Like you, I do everything within my power to "find" the dictations rather than go the doctor. I have 12 dictactors using the system and I am the MT coordinator. I have always found the dictations using the help of IS department. We have wave files and they are usually sitting on the hard drive of the PC, C drive, not the network. Sometimes we really have to search for the missing voice files but if the doctor downloads them and you are searching on the correct PC you will find them on the C drive, at least t
  8. I am the coordinator of 12 end users to Express Dictate and manage through Express Delegate. Our new physician is having HUGE issues using this system. He "swears" that he downloads his work but it does not always show up in Delegate and out to the MTs file folders. Other than looking in Express Dictate retrieval file folder, where else can I find his voice files that did not move through the system. There is an area in the PC hardware system that stores these files I think but not sure where to look. We use the Digital Wave Player to download to PC and then through Express Dictate to Exp
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