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  1. Then there should be a note they are aware false positives have been found in some scanners and an assurance or guarantee the program is clean. All that tells me is the other scanners may not catch as much. This is the first time I've had a false positive on any of the programs I use on that computer, if it is a false positive. In fact I very rarely get positives on the programs I download. When I do and e-mail support about it I've always received a response. I sent a support request to NCH over a week ago and have received absolutely no reply. In doing a Google search I found this is not uncommon with IVM. I would have thought just to save the negative comments they'd address it somehow. So either there is a trojan in the program and they don't want to check it out or there is zero support from NCH. In any case this is reason enough for me to go elsewhere. I have already found an alternative. I'm really sorry I had to do this because I had used IVM for about four years and it worked great. But I like working with companies that are responsive to their customers.
  2. When I try to download IVM my anti-virus software stops it and says a variant of the W32/Genetik trojan was found. Why?
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