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  1. I would imagine most of those people who wanted it didn't want to take it in the shorts to be able to use it. But like I said, that's fine...keep your software....
  2. If that's your reason, why bother to offer the option? But hey, that's fine. I am a 43 year old man with credit out the yazoo and I don't own one credit card. And..... I guess you lose a sale.
  3. I just tried to purchase Sound Tap online and saw that NCH accepted PayPal. I then read that if the buyer uses PayPal to purchase software, they are charged full price. WTF???? Just because I don't want to use a credit card I have to take it in the shorts? This is crap from the word go! I was all set to buy it and see that PayPal users are not eligible for discounts.....WHY? Fees? OK, fine but charging 100% on an item you are willing to sell anyone for 50% as long as they use a credit card? That's what I call crap!!!!!!!!! Any thoughts?
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