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  1. I have noticed in the customer selection dropdown box if you start to type in a name lets say beginning with P it will list all the names beginning with P and if you click on one in the list the box does not close up and have then name selected. You have to click off the the side somewhere so you can get to the box below the customer input box. Graham
  2. I have purchased expressinvoice plus but was wondering if I put the free version on my laptop would I still have access to all the main features like invoicing, customers, orders, items etc or do I need to run another plus version. Graham
  3. I notice in Express invoice if you add an item into it's inventory you only have the option of the sell price. Is there some way it could also incorporate the buy proce so if you want to give someone a good price you can quickly look it up and know how much you paid for it then you can give the customer a better price fromthere. Graham
  4. I have found if you backup your data then restore it you loose all the email and fax details. This also happens for express accounts as well. All that info has to me manually put back in. Graham
  5. Can I add a venders list somewhere in Express Accounts so when I pay them I can allocate the payment against them Graham
  6. GrahamW


    Does express invoice have the ability to print out BAS or is it done from Express accounts Graham
  7. This may seem a silly and obvious question but I can't find it. If I have an invoice in Express invoice and I add add the clients payment and forget to tick the box that says to update Express accounts how do I manyally do it in Express accounts so that everything marries up correct. I was playing around with make a payment link but I'm not sure if that is correct because the pfoffit and loss statement was out of wack after using this. Graham
  8. Ah thanks NCH. Just one thing can you clarify how the Sales order works in Express Invoice then. Is there where I do up an order for a client and then once they approve the order I then invoice it out. Is this how it works or am I wrong on this. Graham PS sorry for all the dumb questions but I love your program and was used to quickbooks
  9. If I do a sales order (cash sale) how do i then get the information from that sale into Express Accounts. I notice there is nowhere to have it updated automatically like doing a normaly payment. Graham
  10. what is the changes in Version 2.14 from 2.13. On the website it doesn't say I have also noticed in 2.14 on the item quantity box it now puts 1.00 instead of 1. Can I change this back to a single digit if possible I have looked everywhere for it and can't locate where to change it. Graham
  11. Thanks but that is only for Windows XP I run Vista Home premium. I have gone into the users directory and gone all through that but can't find a thing for Express invoice at all Graham EDIT: I finally found it. For others looking for the location on vista here it is c:\ProgramData\NCH SOftware\ExpressInvoice
  12. I notice if you open express invoice directory there is not much in there. Where does it keep it's data files at. I run some autobackup software and was wanting to add express invoice data files to it but I cant find them anywhere. Are they in another directory somewhere or are they acutally somehow built into the program itself. I run Vista Home premium if it is of any help Graham
  13. How do you apply a credit or part credit for a customer. Graham
  14. I downloaded the free version of express invoice a few days ago to test and today opened my pc to have a play with it and a box popped up saying the trial had expired and I need to purchase it to continue using it. According to the website there is 2 versions 1. Free 2. Plus Have I misunderstood the website or not? I cannot find anywhere ont he site to say it is time limited. The only think I can find it to say it is free and after some time will loose some features. Well mine lost all features after about 4 days. It also appears the trial only lasted for a few days and now stopped. I have since gone ahead and purchased it, however I am very dissapointed in the misleading website claiming it is free when in fact it is not. Graham
  15. I normally use quick books and I have over 50 vendors in there so when I enter my invoices in my my wholesalers this is where it all goes against the particular vendor. How do I do this in Express Accounts. Would I first go into the options and add the vendors in my accounts list and then when I get my invoice from my supplier make a payment against the new vendor in the list I just made. or this this way off the mark on how this program handles invoices from vendors? Thanks in advance for any help Graham
  16. I have noticed if you log into Express Invoice across you network and do up an invoice then you click on Create PDF and then open the pdf file all the bottom of the footer notes on the invoice overlap each other making it unreadable. I have about 1.5" high of footer notes on my invoice with payment instructions, looking directly from the program all works perfect it is only when you create the pdf from the web control side of it. Has anyone else got this issue or tested this side of it, you will need to put about 8-10 lines in the footer to get it to happen. Graham
  17. I havae been testing Express Inoice and after playing wit it I decided to see how the backup adn restore works. The backup put all the files where I told it to but when I tried to do a restore it totally has overwritten my work with a complet blank so I have to start all over again now. All I did was Click Tools--->Backup Data then selected my desitination then click Tools--->Restore Data and them located the backup and tried to restore the folders All my program looks like now is as though it has had a fres install and all data is missing. Any ideas on this one. Graham
  18. After making out your purchase order and selecting to email it off to the supplier is there a way to change the default filename it gives currently I have noticed it says this Inventoria3532.pdf is there a way to make it something meaningful for the supplier. I sent one to a suplier and my order never arrived and after phoning he he thought with a name like Inventoria3532.pdf it was spam so he just deleted it. any ideas and help greatly appreciated. Graham
  19. I too am waiting on an answer to this as well it would be a nice feature.
  20. I have just downloaded and installed express invoice and for what it is this is brilliant. I can't figure out one section in the items list though there is nowhere to put in the buy price of an item. The only price you place in the box is the sell price is this correct. If this is the case how can the reports work out your profit when it is linked in with Express Accounts eg If I have a part I buy for $10.00 and sell it for $20.00 this cannot be added so it shows I have made a $10.00 profit. In Express Accounts it shows the profit is $20.00 Am I assuming this correct or is there something I am missing Graham
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