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  1. Thanks DJ that appears to have fixed that issue. Now what about being able to edit the description of an item straight on the invoice like it was in 2.18. eg. if you had a labour description saying something like "labour chages per hour" once the item was added to the invoice you ccluld just click the description column and either delete the words or add to them. This has now gone from this version. You have to add it into the item first before adding it to the invoice. Graham
  2. It is great to see that NCH have adjusted the QTy column to only say 1 now instead of 1.00 however this is now a major issue because if you have a labour charge or whatever for 1.25 hrs and you enter it you only get 1 If you enter 1.5 it changes it to 2 This only happens when you print it or preview it, when you change it and look at it on the actual screen it shows correct. Another real bug I have just found is if you have a item called Labour and it has an empty description against it you cannot type any details agains it any more. You now must always use what is in the item list. These issues are a real setback in the program now I have also just discovered if you revert back to 2.18 the restore feature no longer works (not that backup and restore ever worked) all your company data is lost so you have to manually input it all again. Please don't take this comment the wrong way but does NCH test these changes before releasing the update or are we the paying customer the ones to test Graham
  3. With all my purchases I make from my wholesalers I add them into EA and then when I invoice out my clients and receive payments I tell EI to update EA all the time. After going through many of my invoices manually I have discovered that the net profit indicated in EA is way way out, in fact it appears to be out by at least $2000.00 When I enter a purchase into it I am always careful I do it correct (or at least whet I think is correct). I have all my suppliers set up as an expense account and when I get an invoice from them it get placed against their name and it is told to take the money from my account I have setup in it. When I invoice a client I accept eht payment and always tick to update express accounts and then make sure I select the same account that my purchase has come out of so it keeps all in balance or at least I think it does but looking at the net profit and the sales I have done this year there is no way I have the profit it reports. Can someone give me some guidence on setting up EA so I can double check I have it correct. Graham
  4. I quite ofter get clients that when they pay they tell me to hold the change and take it off the next invoice. If for instance a invoice may total $42 and the clients hands me $50 and I then apply a payment of $50 against their invoice, whis part works well but it all goes horribly wrong when it comes time to invoice the client again for another purchase. I have tried to produce a statement first to get the correct amount owing, this reflects the correct amount for the new invoice minus the overpayment from the previous invoice but. eg if the new invoice is $100 after I run a statement and it shows they only owe $92 because the $8 was carried over from the previous invoice. However it all goes wrong if you look at the customer name and then actual invoice it still shows they owe $100 and I can't get the totals to match up anymore if a person over pays Am I just doing this wrong or is this something that is not supported yet. If it is not supported yet can we have this one added to the list please. Graham
  5. I have just discovered there is a bug in the payments area of EI If you have a invoice for $100 and the client only pays $50 and you recieve th payment through EI (dont update EA yet) that is fine but when you go and look at the open invoices and want to apply another payment for the same client it still shows they have $100 outstanding. Is this actually a bug or am I not doing the payment correct. Graham
  6. I have purchased Express invoice a few months ago and I opened it today to apply a payment and a message popped up telling me the paid version is going to expire in a few days and I need to upgrade it. I have tried to re-register it and I get a message saying the code has been reset and will allow 1 more registration attempt but whenever I try it I just get a message saying registration blocked. I can't even do a restore from when it was all initially registered becase the restore feature won't work on vista. I had reported this on 13/6/2009 in the forums here and have received no answer from NCH about it or how to do a restore. Why in the world if I have only just purchased the software do I have to purchase it again for something that is not even my fault. I am extremely dissappointed in the support with this product and when I did pay for support when I first purchased it some questions I emailed in still havent been answered. What do I do now NCH and please don't tell me to purchase another liscence otherwise I am off to Fair trading about this
  7. Those buttons have been removed from the actual invoice in this version. You now have a discount column and the add items well you now have to go all the way back the then main opening screen. The worst thing about that procedure is if you have items to add to your invoice that arn't in the list you have to make sure they are all in first otherwise you have to cancel the invoice or save as dravt then add the itme then go back in again and add it. In the earlier versions this was able to be added straight from the item selection in the actual invoice. Myself and I believe a few others have requested this be put back to how it was. Graham
  8. If you are using windows vista you need to unhide the program data folder first. Follow these steps Click Computer click organise CLick on Folder and Search Options Click the view Tab Show hidden files and folders Close all that down open computer and look on your c drive and you should now see a folder called Program Data, look in the NCH folder and you will find what you are looking for. Graham
  9. If anyone else has this issue where the footer of your invoice is all overlapped and unreadable here is a quick fix. Type in your footer as per normal and place a full stop between the lines. eg: Here is some footer text on the first line . this would be line two of your footer text . this would be line 2 of your footer text I have found it only seems to happen on longer lines, so the easy way to find out make your footer then email a blank invoice to yourself and see if anything is overlapped. If it is just add the full stop like in my sample above. This was such a frustrating issue and I got so many complaints from customers they couldn't read my bank details and this was the only way I can find around it so far. hope others can benifit from this. Graham
  10. This was changed on purpose from version 2.16 I think. Personally I think it look ridiculous having it as 1.00. 99.99% of other invoicing software I have used and looked at always has a single digit and you have the ability to input extra digits like 2.5. For whatever reason the change on this is beyone me
  11. If I have an invoice for a client that is lets say $46.00 and they pay me $50.00 and tell me to keep it for the next invoice. How is all this handeled Currently what I have done is applied the $50 against the clients payment then it shows for that client a -$4.00. If I then do another invocie for that client later on and it's value is $29.00. I print that invoice and also do a statement for the client to show it is now only $25.00 owing. Is this the correct way to do this or not? I was actually hoping that Expressinvoice would automatically show it on the invoice the new amount owed without printing a statement as well as the invoice Graham
  12. I have now resolved this issue and the unpaid reports is now correct. I had made a silly mistake when entering the customers details and I had infact added the same customer in my list twice but a different spelling on his surname and also applied the invoice to the incorrect anme. Once I hade figured this out I was able to just delete the incorrect customer name and all is well now. Sorry for the false alarm on this NCH Graham
  13. I have just discovered in Version 2.18 if you run the unpaid accounts report it is totally incorrect. I have accepted payments for some clients and it still shows as unpaid. however if you look in the open invoice list they are marked as paid. This needs to be fixed ASAP as it is throwing everything out of balance. Graham
  14. Thanks Michael, much appreciated. It would be good if you had it back like in 2.16 where you can press enter at the end of a line if you want so you can show the description of things a little more tidier. Also if you look at 2.16 if you wanted to add an item you could see the code and description together and now in 2.18 if you add a item by code sometimes it is hard to know the exact one you want if you have similar codes becase there is no way to view them both together anymore. Graham
  15. Can we have the item list pop up like it did in 2.16 so we can add a few lines to a description, at the moment it is very limited. It appears to be everytime something else is either fixed or added onto some part in the software that was working fine also get broken when there was no need to change it. This one is a real frustrating issue because if I add a labour charge and try and typ in what I have done I have to have about 4 or 5 entries and it looks stupid. Graham
  16. I also use Gmail and mine works fine from WIndows vista, however I notice for your smtp server you have this SMTP mail host: smtp.gmail.com:587 In mine I only have this SMTP mail host: smtp.gmail.com all other setteings as as per yours, maybe you could also try port 465 or how I have my one setup and see if that works.. Graham
  17. I like the new changes in 2.18 where you can can only apply a payment to a open invoice instead of accidently doing multiple payments to the same invoice. However when you create a new invoice you can't add multiple lines for an item anymore now. If you want to put in a description for labour performed on a job it all ends up on one line only. I want to add labour itimised like this and only have the one price associated with it for the complete text box Eg: Do Virus Scan Format PC Install Updates Instead of the above we now have this only Do Virus Scan. Format PC. Install Updates If you have a very long description it looks horrible on the invoice. We have also lost the ability of clicking a little icon and bringing up the item list and seeing the exact description of items in our list. Can this part also be fixed as well. Thanks heaps NCH for fixing the payment issue I reported. Graham
  18. Here is a link to see the issue http://www.computers.homeip.net/inv1016.pdf You can see in the description area and also down the bottom in the foother area. The funny thing is it prints perfect it is only when EI creates the PDF file it does this. Anyone got any suggestions and hopefully NCH can fix the issue Graham
  19. I have had a lot of complaints form clients that when I email an invoice to them from EI they cant read it all because parts are overlapped. Especially what is written in the footer where I have my payment options for the client. I have also noted if you have an invoice with over about 5 or 6 items it also overlaps the descriptions as well Has anyone else got this issue. To test it just pick any invoice and then email it to yourself, make sure you have a few lines in the footer part and you should see it. Graham
  20. Hi Pete, With the email side of it. I go to send the invoice to the client via email and then I usually add my own email in alongside the clients one so I get a copy as well. At least this way or I hope it sends to both. Note the comma between the address eg: client@clientsemail.com,graham@grahamsemail.com As for your other questions I can't answer them for you as I am very new to EA as well. I do love the program but I think a few things need a little tweak here and there. Graham
  21. Has anyone got any suggestions on what to do here., this is becomming quite an urgent task at the moment and I haven't heard anything back from NCH It is frustrationg to print a statement then also have to go and print out payment details on separate pages for the client as well. It would be nice to have payment details or a custom field on the statement we can add info into like the footer of the invoice.
  22. After finally finding how do do a statement, it is lacking a bit I think. It would be nice to be able to add some footer options into it like you can on invoices/orders etc. This is handy for payment options for clients. I had to print the statements then also print out another letter with bank and payment details, this could easily be avoided if it was all available in Express Invoice from the start. Graham
  23. Hi guys not sure if this will help you but I too am a very recent new member of EA EI, I love them both and have managed to find a few things out. To delete an entry try and enable web access in the options then view it from your web browser. You first have to set up a web account in the options then click web access tab and tick the box, then click the ip it gives you. Once you log in click on the View Journal link then click the all tab, you can then delete an entry Graham
  24. I have just noticed if you apply a payment and select to add it to express accounts all is well but if you click on open invoices it still shows the payment is outstanding for that customer. It also allows it to receive another payment. Once the payment is made should't it show 0.00 not what the invoice was. If you select one of those customers from the customer list it shows they have a balance of $0.00 which is correct This appears to be a very major bug, what can Ido to fix it or is it a programming issue Graham
  25. Wouldn't it make more sense to have it in the incvoicing software as that would be used more than inventoria? I for one have no use for inventoria at all because you have to open it first then check the details then go and open the invoicing software. Too much double handeling in my book Graham
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