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  1. Upgrading to version 4.01 I have now noticed all my customers terms have been changed to paid by default. This is a big issue because if your not careful and just recored the invoice without looking it throws everything out. Graham
  2. Hi Handyman, just change the date on your computer to the previous year, enter all your data then when finished change it back again Graham
  3. Thanks DJ so just to clarify something if I have an invoice like this 1 laptop $899.00 1 carry bag $0.00 1 USB Key $0.00 will I still be able to apply a payment to it because the invoice in this case is $899.00 however if I have an invoice like this 1 carry bag $0.00 1 USB Key $0.00 this will be automatically closed as no payment can obviously be applied. Have I understood this correct. When will this update be on the way out? Thanks Graham
  4. Sorry I forgot to say I am using 3.41. It did work perfect in 3.30 as well but it has been taken out for some reason in 3.41 In my business I need the ability to have 0.00 value items. Eg when I sell a laptop I give a bag for free and sometimes other free items so to take them from my inventory I need to add them on each line but now I can't have the 0.00 it's a real backwards step. Graham
  5. is there a way to record a 0.00 balance on and invoice. The reason why I have a client who purchased an item from me that was replaced under warranty and to so the date he was given the new device I created an invoice with a 0.00 value but EA wont record it. Is there a way to do this or not. thanks Graham
  6. Does anyone know how to do a credit note for a client. I have a client that purchased an item from me but now doesnt want it and I need to do a refund or credit for them but cant find it anywhere in the software to do it Graham
  7. I was checking over my profit and loss on 28th Jun 2010 and all was fine and checked again on 29th and still ok. It was reporting I had a net profit of around 17,000 which is fine for a little home based business. I went to run the profit and loss report today for last fiscal year and it now says my profit is over 90,000 and nothing has been entered into the program since 29th. The only thing that has happened is EA has started a new fiscal year for me. Something must be wrong with the way it is closing off end of year or is there something I am supposed to do in EA to close off the year. Graham
  8. Hi H, With Express Accounts 3.29 you don't need to use Express Invoice at all. The accounting and invoicing is all combined in the one package so you can do away with EI. As for the inventory it is partly there in EA. Open your items list up and add your stock and you can also have stock control to manage your inventory levels. The only thing I havent found with the inventory and I hope it comes across is the ability to generate a purchase order to email to the supplier. I love this feature in Inventoria and would be nice to see it combined as well. Hope this helps a bit to clear up a few things for you. Graham
  9. Hi Mick, when you go into EA and click on payment and purchase transaction and then you put in your details would you just asign it to an expense account if it is for your own pusiness? Graham
  10. Oh this doesnt sound good. Maybe what I will have to do is to wait to the end of financial year and start a fresh copy of EA ahd hopefully then soft payments area will then be working correctly. Mick - At least we have discovered the soft payments area had a bug like we suspected so that was good to uncover that one. Graham
  11. I sent my data files to David at NCH and this was his response so lets hope they can now fix the issue.
  12. Hi DJ, If I revert everything back to version 3.04 it is all perfect, all reports are correct and everything marries up as it should. However as I said in the new version if you select a customer to pay an outstanding invoice it is all fine as well. The problem only arises when you then want to select an individual invoice (optional) to apply that payment against. I think the issue is because I have pre existing data from earlier versions of the combined EA/EI where you had the status column saying if an invoice was paid or open. Once I put on the new version this column was no longer available and the program has no idea what was alread paid and what was open. So it still allows you to select an optional invoice to pay that has already been paid. I understand what your saying about the soft cross reference and I think that side of it will only work correct if you have a new install of the new version and start everything fresh. It does not work on any pre existing data I have found because there is no cross reference to payments so you can just select any invoice you like and select it multiple times. Is there any way the developers can add something in that area so that if you do use the optional invoice after you select the customer that it can't be clicked a 2nd, 3rd or fourth time. If you like I can zip my backup file and send it to you so you can test if you like to see what I mean. Graham
  13. Just downloaded 3.29 and once again it still has the same issues as it earlier versions. Once you select a customer to receive the payment if you want also select an optional invoice to recored the payment against you can still select any invoice and do it multiple times. If you accidently do this it screws up all your reports. Graham
  14. I have just discovered my registered copy of EA 3.04 has now come back and told me it is unliscensed since I upgraded it to 3.28. Is this a bug in the system. I have since downgraded back to 3.04 and all is well again. What do I do now. I have emailed in the details but don't hold any hope it will be resolved looking at many other issues I have reported and had no response from NCH Graham
  15. Mick, the web side of it works for me to add a new invoice, I am on WIndows 7 here however you have to scroll to the very bottom of your invoice list to see the add button, a bit silly I think, why not put it up the top of the list in full view. Graham
  16. yes it's just stupid that haven't address the issue you outlined and I have outlined many times over. Surely it can't be that hard to still have the status column on the invoice so you know what is going on. One part I like in 3.28 is you can now have part payments. eg you have a customer owning $500 and they pay you $200 so it will correctly show the balance of $300 owing. Using the above example it would be nice to be able to apply that part payment to a particular invoice, if you know what it is. So after you select the customer to apply the payment, you then click the invoice button and then thick the invoices the client wishes to pay. It appears to me this issue of not knowing what invoices are paid now becase it uses a payment ref column and that is only valid for any new invoices and payments, so if you have 100's of existing invoices you have no idea what is paid or open, if this little glitch is fixed it would be wonderful. Graham
  17. Hi Mick, yeh have emailed in yet another bug report. This is absolutly stupid. GTIM. I see what you are saying but when you bring up a customer name it still shows every single invoice that customer has ever had, you can just tick the invoice you like even if it is paid or not and apply another payment. I know it's not the correct way to do it but it should not be allowed to happen it is so easy to make a mistake and and do it. In my opinion EA should come up with a message saying that invoice is already paid and not allow you to tick that one or have it shown but greyed out or something As a test I paid the same invoice 10 times and each time just checked the P & L and it was all screwed up, now that has got to be a bug Graham
  18. Just downloaded version 3.28 to test and it also still has the same issue where you can receive money on an invoice that is already paid and you can do it multiple times. How frustrating STILL Graham
  19. This is a real pain that NCH will not respond to any bugh reports I have now submitted over 50 for version 3.26 and had no response from NCH at all. If they use the software themselves surley they can see you can pay an invoice multiple times and thee many other things wrong with it. Hopefully they will fix it soon. I have no idea where things are up too now in it. Graham
  20. Mike what was the response are they fixing the issue or not. I hope so as this is a major issue you can pay any invoice tons of times. Graham
  21. These last 2 updates are an absolute nightmare. I have them on my test pc and if you try and receive a customers payment it is near impossible unless you look at upaid accounts first then jot them down on paper then go and select the customer then select the invocies against that customer (you could have hundreds) then put them in order of invoice numbers and try and locate the unpaid ones. You have to be carefull because you can also apply a payment against a invoice that has already been paid This software is now getting beyond the joke. They add 1 new thing and break 10 others I would advise not to use it until they fix it up. I send bug reports every day and here nothing from NCH about them. Support is also a joke with them and there is no way I would pay for this software at the moment. If it improves I may think about it. Graham
  22. Hi Mike. I tested it today and it still is impossible to sort out invoices for payment. If you have a customer with hundreds of invoices you have no idea what is paid or open. This software is going from bad to worse I think Graham
  23. Hi Mike, I am finding in the testing it is picking up every invoice the customer has ever had. Becase they have removed the status column that had paid and open on it the invoices no longer sort anymore. This is a real pain becase I find it very difficult to apply a simple payment now. I have setup one of my networked pc's now just to test the new versions of this software before I do it on my main one now it is so frustrating things go untested. Graham
  24. Hi Mick, as you can see from my last 3 posts I too am very unhappy about the changes made, nothing works correct anymore, especially the payments area now ans as I pointed out in a previous post and you have as well you pay against the customer now but it loads every invoice for them either paid or unpaid then you have to try and figure it out which is correct. If you go to uninstall it you can have the option of doing a downgrade so you can go back to 3.04 if you like. Graham
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