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  1. it looks like when the update to 4.44 came along it altered all the margins again and the position of when the invoice data is printed on the page. The gap between the bill to address and the first line of the invoice is now over 1 inch and can't be altered. These guys are so frustrating when they do updates. Many other parts of the program don't function as they used to. Graham
  2. Hi Ken, I have tried everything. A total dummy address was used and it still won't work. The weird thing is it is on the invoice but when previewed it is blank. To get around it I have been using the packing slip for some time now, it's just a pain though when a straight forward thing should work Graham
  3. I am using the latest version of EA (4.44) and I have a bill to address and a ship to address. It shows on the invoice but when I preview it the ship to is missing and I can't find anywhere in the options to activate it. All I can find is on the invoice screen itself you have a check box to uncheck if ship to is different from bill to and I have unchecked this. Does anyone have any idea how it can be printed on the invoice. Thanks Graham
  4. Hopefully you have done a backup before you did it so if you have just restore the data again and it should be fine Graham
  5. GrahamW


    no matter what I do if the logo is wider than 100 the company text wraps around. What settings are you using on both your screenshots there for the logo and the heights from the top and sides etc because yours are perfect. Mine used to be perfect in 4.07 but any version past that it is all wrong Graham
  6. GrahamW


    yes it sure does, Just a thought, what size is your logo? take a look at this image http://screencast.com/t/GlaoiaxInhL note how the company details are wrapped and if you look at the bottom you can see it is version 4.42 Graham
  7. GrahamW


    the bug in the company details is still there in the beta 4.42. They can't even get the beta numbering correct, on the page it says it's 4.43 and when you install it you get 4.42 Graham
  8. my image works and it is jpg not jpeg Graham
  9. This is so frustrating, the bug that wraps the company details to new lines is still in the new version 4.14 and also in the Beta 4.40 version Once again I have reported the bug to NCH Graham
  10. Hi Aaron, until NCH get their act together and come out with a new version I don't think you will fix the printing on 2 pages at the moment. It is so frustrating they don't act on bug reports etc and their tec support is certainly not the best, even if you pay for the software Graham
  11. Hi Aaron, I have to run version 4.07(free) otherwise it prints on 2 pages and the copmpany name is all wrapped onto new lines Graham
  12. once I saw the company details were wrong I uninstalled it and didn't do any further testing. I have been reporting the header issue since 4.09 and sent in numerous bug reports with screenshots as requested and they still ignore it. I might install 4.11 on a test pc and see other gems it turns up. Graham
  13. I also get the same result If you look at the header of your invoice there is a good chance your company details are all wrapped to new lines and I think this is pushing it onto 2 pages. I have been reporting this bug since version 4.09 but they just ignore it Graham
  14. This is so frustrating. I have sent in a bug report that many times it is still not fixed If you add your company details in the contact details box found on the company tab your details get wrapped because the text box is too narrow. This is the same bug in version 4.09, 4.10 and now still in 4.11 If only they would fix it. Graham
  15. I just downloaded and upgraded to 4.10 to see if the bug I reported in 4.09 was fixed and it is still the same, nothing has changed See images here 4.10 Bug http://screencast.com/t/0Dh9KQsK 4.07 perfect http://screencast.com/t/WRtz0rq9Bc8U as you can see from the above images in version 4.10 (and 4.09) the text in the top header is wrapped because the textbox is now too small. In 4.07 it is perfect Graham
  16. If you go to receive a payment in either of these version the auto payment reference does not work Graham
  17. Hi Alison, I am using version 4.07, depending on your version this maybe different On the toolbar click on view Click on Payments locate your customer in the list Right click on the customer Select either print or email receipt Graham
  18. If you just uninstall it you get an option to downgrade to the free version. I think form memory you have about 6 options to choose from and all you need to do is the downgrade and it will be fine. Graham
  19. If you have your company name, address etc in the head of the invoice it now all gets wrapped onto new lines in 4.09. It's like the text box that contains it has had the width altered Graham
  20. can't believe that NCH have overlooked this. It doesn't look good sticking out like that
  21. Brad, all as that does for me is tell my version is up to date and gives the option to sign up for updates. Graham
  22. if you open the sales tab in the new version 4.05 you will notice a spelling mistake See attached link http://screencast.com/t/PvbaEfbK Graham
  23. you can always just click on the menu item called sales then create new credit note. To see the menu make sure you click the little down arrow to the left of the help icon in the top right hand corner. Graham
  24. Tony, a new version 4.02 has just arrived so I will check over this one and see if I see anything. Graham
  25. Thanks Tony I have just tried it and as you point out it is wrong as well its back the front. Graham
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