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  1. thanks I sent the info back to you
  2. I had a full working program that was fully paid for and upgraded to the latest 4.48 and now it tells me I have to buy it again. What the hell, can someone from NCH please contact me asap as I have a business to run
  3. I get them every day I use it and its so annoying
  4. can anyone advise me how to turn off these annoying popup windows to follow on facebook, twitter etc. I even tried to follow them but it still happens I have a paid version and have submitted a support ticket over a month ago now but NCH won't answer back. If I have a paid version I dont like the fact it is forced upon you to have these annoying things. I can understand in the free version
  5. thanks for that, I have hunted high and low for info on the autobackup and there is no info or help file about it so now this clears it up and I can set it up correctly. It would be nice to have the schedule days and times etc straight in the program so you don't have to look all over the place to work it out. Even having a paid version of the software the support is so lacking and very disappointing.
  6. can someone explain how the autobackup works in this program and where it goes. I have my backups set to go to a specific folder but the only ones in there is what I do manually because the auto backup appears to do noting that I can see. Graham
  7. open the latest version of Express Accounts click on Accounts on toolbar (not the tab Accounts) click on import data from express invoice Graham
  8. can anyone tell me how to change the payment therms so it can suit my business instead of having the COD and Pay in XX days Graham
  9. I tried this and it does not work. This is what happened. I had 2 invoices for the same customer that were dated on different days one for $69 and the other for $85. I applied the payment of $69 and you described above and then when I went back and looked at the unpaid invoice report both the invoices for that client were gone and both marked paid in the report Graham
  10. In version 4.72 and earlier if you have a customer that has multiple invoices and you want to only receive payment from 1 invoice it records all of them as paid. How can I now go and fix the issue please NCH Graham
  11. so does this mean we can't customize the invoice terms for our business Graham
  12. 1. If you select COD the invoice is automatically marked as overdue if you have it turned on in the options to show overdue. 2. How can you add different invoice terms or edit the current terms Graham
  13. I have also discovered if add something to some of the block it still wont move it up. There is clearly a issue in the part of the software somewhere
  14. that sort of helps but there is just so much wasted space where you have no control of what goes at the top of the invoice now and where you add your items if you turn on the remittance you can literally only have about 5 items on your invoice. Looks like im going back to version 4.66 to something that works. This new version looks shocking to say the least
  15. I just downloaded the new version 4.69 and it has the same issues that 4.67 has. 1. if you select COD it marks the invoice as overdue and stamps it on the top of the invoice if you have that option turned on. 2. You cant make your own logo cme to the top of the invoice like it used to in 4.66. Then new templates take control of the top area
  16. Can anyone from NCH help with these issues
  17. I just upgraded to the latest version 4.67 and noticed a few odd things 1. if you create an invoice that is COD it automatically stamps OVERDUE across the top if you have that option selected in invoice options 2. the top margine has now moved about 2 inches down the page and there is no possible way with a custom invoice template to make it like it used to again and then it pushes everything else down the page Graham
  18. I have noticed the backup in 4.59 does not work when set for Automatic backups. It tells you the date and time it is going to do it but nothing happens so I have to manually do it all the time. The program is left in a minimized state on the taskbar is this how it should be for auto backup to work
  19. you should be able to just delete the company file and it removes everything associated with it. If anything is still there after the company file is removed you can just manually remove items, customers etc or just uninstall the software and them make sure that the nch directory on the pc is also gone and reinstall and start over. Graham
  20. Hi Ken, Thanks a billion. I got it! What I have now is under Other ---- Side Margins 0.25 top/bottom 0.25 It appears as though these 2 values must match otherwise you end up with the word statement off the page like mine Thanks again Graham
  21. Hi Ken, it must be something to do with headers and margins. No matter what I try even with no header the statement is off the page. What are all your settings for margins and the width of your header because yours are perfect Thanks Graham
  22. Thanks Ken not sure why the header is all wrong for me. Even if I remove my image there is still an issue with the statement word, it goes off the page. I have tried it on 3 windows 7 computers and the same results. Graham
  23. Hi Ken, 4.48 is the latest and it has got that but in it still. I reported this in the beta version of it to NCH but as usual it appears to have fallen on deaf ears Graham
  24. If anyone has upgraded to version 4.48 there is a bug in the statements (still) The word statement on the header goes off the page and can't be controlled In the amount column the underline is in the wrong place see the attached image Here Graham
  25. This is what I see on a statement View Here The funny thing is the invoice is fine and other forms. It appears as though the statement can't be moved Graham
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