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  1. I figured at least one of the moderators would have responded, but nothing yet.
  2. I bought this program over 2 years ago. The original modem was a POS, so I bought one that was recomended by NCH. It is the BCM V.90 56K Modem. I have been using it for years with my IVM Answering Attendant, which is the most incredible piece of software for its purpose, and have Never had any problems (with that software). I have tried the TRx with several computers (same modem), but it always stops recording at 1 minute. I have tried every setting I can find, and have read all their help documents on it, and have not found any information about this problem. Well, its about a year later, go
  3. This maybe a kindergarden level answer, but I missed it when I was testing mine. As the help manual says, be sure to set the rings before answer to at least TWO RINGS. Caller ID information is transmitted between the 1st and 2nd rings. Like I said, I missed that one myself.. I am a Male of the species, and incapable of reading instructions until forced to.
  4. Tom_WTF

    Short Messages

    I may have found the answer to this short message problem, just from testing all sorts of things. I hope this helps others, because it solved this problem on mine immediately!! 1. Go to Settings 2. Click the Devices Tab 3. Click the 'Advanced VoIP Account Settings' button at the bottom 4. Under 'Call Detection Timing', in the 'End-Of-Call Detect Delay', I changed the default value of 4500 to a value of 500. I closed the program and restarted it. It now records messages from actual calls using another telephone line as short as TWO(2) Seconds !!! I have no idea of why this works, or
  5. Tom_WTF

    Short Messages

    Yes, we do need an answer to this problem of "message too short - discarded" notification. This one needs to stay on top!! I have not even purchased the program, but am using the demo, and it is not saving until around 15 seconds. Now to me that is quite a bit of talking. 5 to 6 Seconds is long enough to leave a name and telephone number to call me back. Where can we change this????? I am using 3.07 with XP SP2. Hey NCHCraig, just what do you consider a 'Short Message' ??
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