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  1. We tracked down the problem to the following 2 issues: 1. From NCH Technical support: Could you please check for a Quality Windows Audio Video Experience service in the windows services to see if it is running or existing. To see this please click start -> control panel -> administrative tools -> services If the Quality Windows Audio Video Experience (QWAVE) service is not listed in the services directory, please run the following command from the windows command prompt to install the service. Servermanagercmd.exe –install qwave This will take about 3-4 minutes to inst
  2. I am using DD 4.22 on Windows Server 2008 with Inphonex, however, tried Vonage and Callcentric and experienced the same behavior. The telephony SIP setup goes fine including no errors on the network setup wizard. The phone registers with the VOIP server, but as soon as a call comes in, the DD window shows "Answering Call" "Incoming SIP Call" but then DD freezes and does not answer the call and I have to exit DD to restart the sip engine even if going to telephony setup and making changes, it does not refresh. I have turned off the server firewall completely to eliminate that issue and
  3. This is a software forum, which by definition is a place for users to help each other. If you want technical support from NCH, the best way to get it is to purchase it. They provide a lot of free or low-cost software and it would take several full-time staff to monitor these forums, research every question and provide an appropriate solution. That is what the technical support is for. If you are not getting answers here, it is most likely because there is not another user reading the forum who has an answer to the question. NCH is very clear that they are only occasionally able to answ
  4. I have had this missed DTMF show up when dictating from a cell phone with poor signal.
  5. The welcome message is in the Enter Code.wav file.
  6. Wholesale VOIP providers are set up to connect with many differrent types of VOIP hardware and software, which is customizable by the end user. DialDictate is specifically set up for connecting to preconfigured SIP connections. The end-user is not able to configure DD to "talk" to these wholesale providers. You must choose from the list of recommended VOIP providers on the NCH site. I have also tested and used Vonage softphones very successfully with DialDictate.
  7. This bug has been resolved using version 4.2, which NCH sent me a link to after submitting a bug report. The version for download on the website is still 4.14, so if you need this bug resolved, contact NCH support for the link to version 4.2. Jean B.
  8. This bug occurs when choosing the option to skip the done menu OR remapping any keys that skip the done menu: Send Immediately Send and Hangup Send High Priority We cannot even temporarily have our users use the done menu since it is hard-wired into the software and the option is 1 to send the dictation and 4 to DELETE and there is no fail-safe when deleting the dictation. It is far to easy to hit the 4 instead of the 1 and accidentally delete a dictation. Can you imagine using this done menu with radiologists who would have to re-read a complicated MRI or angiography report, or
  9. After several hours of testing and debugging, it appears this behavior occurs when checking the box to "Skip done menu (don't let user save or delete dictations)." I tested this with just the trial installation with no change in prompts or menus other than on the Options->Options menu. Now I am going to test it with my licensed installation and customized keypad and prompts, just leaving that box unchecked. I will confirm if this one option eliminates the bug or not. This is an important option since we do not want our users to ever delete a dictation accidentally. For most medic
  10. Please note, when you install DD 4.14 the default Assign Record Menu Keys mapping does not match the system function. In the default mapping the last 2 in the list are Press "*" to: Stop Press "#" to: Done (Send) However, when pressing these keys on the system, the function is reversed. If you press * it sends the dictation and if you press #, it stops the recording. In version 4.11 on a default install, the Assign Record Menu Keys screen they are: Press "#" to: Stop Press "*" to: Done (Send) and the function matches the mapping. I do not know about 4.12 and 4.13 since
  11. I have reverted version 4.11 until this problem is resolved. Jean B.
  12. We purchased and upgraded to DD 4.14 over the weekend to resolve the CallCentric dropped calls after 5 minutes. It DID resolve the dropped calls, however, we have another problem. It appears that randomly, when a dictator presses the Done and send button, the file compression never finishes and ALL jobs dictated after that job get "stuck." DD thinks it is still trying to compress and send that first file. I have duplicated this behavior in both the upgraded installation on Windows XP and a fresh installation on a different machine with Vista. Same problem. If you exit DD and stop it c
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