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  1. I am trying to use a WinTV device with the Debut program. I have connected up my device and installed the latest program; when I turn it on, all I get is snow, like it is tuned to a channel that doesn't come in. Selecting the VCR Input has no effect. I have also tried, with the same results, a Pinnacle PCTV 800e. Finally, I tried a Videum 1000+ from Winnov; it states that there is no camera present. Hardware I have tried: Hauppauge Win/TV 878/9 Pinnacle PCTV 800e Videum 1000+ Series by Winnov My final goal is to record a composite signal, and overlay timecode in the b
  2. I see that you are running Debut with a WinTv card. I am too, and can only get snow to show up like it is trying to tune in a channel. How did you configure it?
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