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  1. Hi! I would like to get some performance information about IVM Answering Attendant Software. I have been using this software running an IVR solution. I would like to scaleup this system, enabling many users to call the IVR at the same time. However I have no information regarding the software performance. Please try to answer following questions: - Can I use about 150-200 OGM in our IVR program without any risk, if I buy the Enterprise licence? - How many parallel VoIP call can be handled by this software? - Is there any method to test our IVR program with aprox. 50-100 paralell call? (without 100 real call) - Can You mention any IVR reference, which contain about 150-200 OGM and can handle 50-100 paralell call with IVM Answering Attendant Software? - Do you know how many paralell HTTP request can be handled by the IVM system with the ineturl.exe IVM plugin? - Finally, can you give us any form of garantie that this software will be capable to work with high availablity or will work at all, if I would like to build a complex IVR System with 150-200 OGM, 50-500 paralell calls, and several HTTP call with ineturl.exe? Thank you for your help! I am looking forward to your answers! Adam
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