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  1. Late last year I upgraded my EI from a roughly five year old version to the most recent. I was immediately blown away with how much has changed. A few annoyances (changes) I have found a way around or changed the way I do certain things. One thing I cannot figure out is marking invoices as PAID when I create them. In 99% of my sales, an order comes in online, I create an invoice reflecting the order, shipping, even the shipping method. In the old days, I could go to the drop-down in the top right and change it from Pay in 30 Days to PAID. Print, pack and ship. Now, I don't have the opti
  2. A couple of additional questions: 1. When using a credit card, will there be some kind of "sign here" line indication and last four digits of the card on the invoice? I guess as youins work towards integrating POS-like functions, things like this will be added. 2. What will the card input interface be? Will it be all hand typed or will there be support for one of these low cost USB stripe readers? I think I mentioned before that I have one of these and they work great. They just spit out a string and the software just has to parse the information out. 3. Are there any talks abo
  3. That will just have to be a fix for now. I already use the notes field for similar things. That has come in handy for custom orders! OK, I can do that for now. It might not be a bad feature to add on. Some kind of "discount profiles". Set them up in the settings and have them selectable anytime you make an invoice or work up a quote. For me, when its education, they typically are tax exempt, so it doesn't really apply. For "dealers" they pay tax, so I would say the tax is based on the post-discount price. I don't think you can legally tax on an ammount that isn't paid.
  4. I am feeling kind of dumb! I can't figure out two, what I would assume be simple functions. 1. I have a customer that canceled an order. I want to retain the invoice for records, but I need to show that the money was refunded and take that out of the reports. Basically, I don't want the sale to show as valid and give me false income numbers. I guess I could delete the items on the invoice, but again I would lose record of what was refunded. Obviously, I don't want to outright delete the invoice. Is there a way to do this? 2. I have made use of the discounts function many times
  5. No doubt about it, as far as simple, low cost solutions, EI is the top of the list! I'm sure you saw my post above explaining my convoluting method for running credit cards. The real bitch is, PayPal has what they call Virtual Terminal. Its a web-based CC terminal thatw orks just like the real thing, but no BS to enter in like names and addresses. The catch is, you must have to have bullet proof credit or some kind of major income to qualify. I have been using PayPal for online business for 8 years and they rejected my request to use the service. I responded by coming up with the method
  6. I haven't heard anything further, but that doesn't mean that it isn't in the works. I am really looking forward to it because it will make my life much easier when I am at trade shows and conventions. Ever since I had to dump my own POS software, I have been basically entering my customer's CC info into PayPal's online interface as though I was them. I created a subdomain on my website that I go to when at a show, there I have a buy button for $1. I just select this and change the quantity to the amount due. This makes the total what I need to charge to their card. This is very cumber
  7. Great! This is great to hear! I have to beleive there is a demand for this. If you get this added in, you will be one step closer to crushing the QuickBooks empire I refuse to buy their software after attempting a try with their demo a while back. The closer you can get EI to a dual invoicing/POS program, the better off you will be and you can sell to a wider range of businesses. In my case, I have a use for both sides in what I do.
  8. I made the submission through the software it'self. Well, I'll cross my fingers hoping to see this. If it was to be added, I think it would be a great addition! I guess I should explain that I am hoping to use Express Invoice both in-house when shipping orders and on-site at a trade show, convention, ect. This is why the CC function would be an excellent add-on. The software I have been using for invoicing and on-site POS was custom written by me and it worked very well for several years. Unfortunately, I had a fatal HDD crash and lost all of my source. Ever since then, I have been o
  9. Yep, I already did that. I did'nt get any response, so I figured I would ask here again.
  10. I can't be the only one looking for this feature. I realize this is a primarily user-fueled forum, but some feedback from the developers would be nice. If there is no intentions of adding on features like credit card handling and barcoding, then I need to know before I really sink time into learning to use it. I can consider the $50 I spent on it an educational loss.
  11. So far, I love EI for producing regular invoices and quotes, but I am looking for a way to integrate credit card processing. In my own software, I had a function that I wrote to read in CC info from a magnet stripe reader, parse it out and then I could easily copy and past this info into PayPal's credit card terminal for processing. Now that I am no longer using that, I am looking for a way to do that through EI. Quickbooks has a similar add-on module that lets you do this. Is there any plans for EI to have a function like this? What would be the most likely credit card gateway? Autho
  12. Fairly new user to EI myself. I have been playing with it off and on for the last couple of months. The source code for my own handmade POS program was lost on a crashed drive and instead of trying to re-create the program from scratch, I started searching for a sutiable replacement. I went ahead and paid for the Pro version last night since they are running the deal right now. Email setup was a bit**! I tried to use SMTP/SSL through my company email, which is on an Yahoo server. The first thing I ran into was the port number identification. After doing some reading, I found out t
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