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  1. I didn't have this problem when I first installed Uplink and Axon a while ago. There was just the freezing problem. I tried to give it another chance with the latest version. I configured Axon and Skype according to the NCH suggestions http://www.nch.com.au/kb/10034.html There is a usual phone connected to a Fritz!Box SIP adapter, that registers to Axon at extension 101. If I call Skype test service, I can't hear anything. However, the phone's microphone seems to work. Because if I change the audio out device to standard in Skype, I can hear through my computer's speakers and I can reco
  2. Hi! My configuration is as follows: I have Uplink 1.00, Axon 1.06 and Skype running on my computer. As SIP device, I´m using my Fritz!Box Fon 7050 in my network. The SIP device is at and I have the extension 678 defined in Axon. The computer is at Extension 679 in Axon is in use for Uplink. Uplink is configured to call 678 on incoming calls. It seems to work, here is what Axon says: SIP Private IP is: Unable to auto-detect public IP. Using private IP. (I've turned STUN off) SIP Public IP is: Extension 679 is at: sip
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