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  1. I have purchased the full version of Prism, and am having a problem converting avi to mpeg2. When I commence the conversion I get the message "Could not setup output file" and the conversion terminates. This is happening on files that have previously converted OK. Conversion of avi to asf works fine. Anyone had the same problem?
  2. I have downloaded the trial version of Switch, and ripped the audio from an unprotected dvd. The program created 4 separate audio files, which is a problem as the files contain music and 3 of the songs are 'split' between 2 files. I wanted to know if the full version creates one file from each dvd, rather than splitting into 4. Can anyone help? Thanks
  3. When I try to burn DVD's from downloaded torrent files, EBP changes the aspect ratio slightly so that the picture on the DVD is distorted (it appears to be compressed from the sides). I am using DVD -R, the same result occurs whether I select the 16:9 or 4:3 option. My operating system is Vista and I have the same problem with Windows DVD Maker. I have tried converting the files to mpeg2 using Prism and the result is still the same. Any ideas?
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