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  1. I am trying to get my head round Express Accounts. The problem I am having is when I make a purchase or sale in the journal I get a message “You can only record a balanced transaction” and “amount not yet applied to account” .


    I am sure this is something I am doing wrong or not doing that is causing this problem. If there are any accountants out there, you may be able to help.


    1. add your journal entry, then when you get the error message:

    2. add a second entry to the list from account petty cash (shows as a debit amount) for the double entry balance.

  2. Hi to all,

    I have been using NCH Express Accounts in windows for about 3 months. It's good, does all I need and simple to negotiate.

    However this weekend I migrated to Linux Mint, for many "Vista" reasons.

    I have had success in using Express via the Wine facility but it is not perfect, so please, develop a Linux version





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