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    Cross Fades

    I'm new to both MixPad and audio mixing software -- trying to teach myself as I go along. In MixPad 1.14, when I select "Cross Fade Selected Clips" from the "Clip" menu, I receive the message "Cannot complete the cross fade. When cross fading you must select exactly two clips". While it makes perfect sense that one has to select two clips in order to cross fade them, it seems that I don't know how to "select" clips. I've tried highlighting the clips in the Clip Manager; I've tried various things to "select" the two clips when they're in the same track; I've tried various things to "select" the clips when they're positioned in different tracks. No matter what I try, I guess I'm just not managing to "select" the clips because I keep getting the same message. Any thoughts for the newbie? Thanx, in advance.
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