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  1. I've figured it out, it's quite simple really, but it took me a Dummy's age! Your Windows 2003 network MUST have a public IP, i.e., you have a fixed Internet address, or, like me, you use a Dynamic DNS address, e.g., http://bugalugs.getmyip.com, from ZoneEdit, or dynDNS, etc., Then, BEHIND your IP Adress; 1. Make sure the PC you're setting up Broadcam on, has a fixed internal network address, like This allows you to tell the 2003 server which PC to route the incoming Internet request for Broadcam to. 2. Set up your Broadcam on your PC with the fixed IP address
  2. Hi, I've had Broadcam working well for ages, behind a Netgear Router/Modem. That is, once I learned about Port Forwarding on that unit. Now, though, I want to run my Broadcam broadcast from a PC on a network behind a Windows 2003 Server, which uses Routing and Remote Access software, not a separate 'box' like I had before. I have been unable to figure out how Port Forwarding works on my Windows 2003 network to enable Internet access to my Broadcam broadcast, so I'm asking for help here. If anyone has any suggestions as to where/how I do this on Windows 2003 Server, I'd be grateful. (Espec
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