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  1. I have just gone to this forum with a question. On the way to starting this thread, I noticed my name displayed on several other threads, to an extent that I almost find embarassing. The advice I gave was based upon quite a few years using Video Editors of one kind or another. I have an all-time favourite, but hey, this is a 'NCH'-sponsored web-site and it will remain a matter between myself and the software distributor, which has chosen to pull the plug on support, just when I require a renewal of my activation-number following a computer-crash, and my need to install much of my software to h
  2. Sheri2, I use 'WavePad' for a variety of purposes, especially for its excellent noise-suppression based upon sampling, but I find its 'VST' setup a bit constricting. For some reason I have to set up both channels separately using the 'WavePad' VST setup, and I cannot write 'profiles' of my own and save them there. Now, you might wonder why I am rambling on at a bit of a tangent on this-one, but I use the same 'kit' of VST 'filter' plug-ins for just about every purpose under-the-sun. They are the 'Classic' series, from 'Kjaerhusaudio' in Denmark. The nine plug-ins in this set work extremely wel
  3. Unless you have some particular reason to be working in AVI, (which is generally uncompressed), why not work instead in mpg2 if that is available to you. I try to obtain the best image-quality possible and generally use a variable sampling-rate based upon a scan-rate of 9800, with 'two-stage' renders, the first to tee-up the optimum quality for the second which is the actual 'render' itself. I have usually been so satisfied with the outcomes that I have no wish to change to Hi-Def. If you change to mpg2, and your original material is 'avi', (I'm assuming DV-AVI input), your original footage re
  4. I have only recently started using 'VideoPad' and wish to make more use of it in the future due to its excellent audio-facilities. But I, too, have been a bit 'at-sea' with the timeline(s). I cannot achieve the precise matches which I once enjoyed on another much-loved editor which a new owner (of the company), has seen fit to discontinue support on. So, I have thrown my 'two-pennorth' into the 'mix' by suggesting a more conventional timeline to NCH. I would have to say, that this software looks very promising. In my experience, many video-editors would benefit from a measure of 'strippin
  5. I have always cut/trimmed on the 'Timeline', so I find a 'Storyboard' oriented layout to be useless to me. On a count-up, I have used seven different types of editors, mainly with a 'pro-sumer' and 'consumer' focus. My work is a documentary production of a trip down my Province's coastline (Otago, N.Z.) a two-year project which has blown-out to roughly five years as an estimate. In my experience, most Video-Editors are tarted-up and over-dressed versions of quite simple software, (given that no Video-Editing software is really all that 'simple'). My wish is for 'integration', with such softwar
  6. Kristin, I had exactly the same problem as you have, which induced me, after having 'Windows' re-installed, to put many of my executables onto drives other than 'Drive C:\', where stuff is usually dumped by 'default' unless you specify an alternative 'path'. So, it's a far from silly question. I cannot recall, just off the top of my head, how I did it, but it was easy, and 'obvious'. My advice would be to uninstall 'VideoPad' from Drive C:\ and do another complete installation. Keep an eye open during the various 'screens' etc. which open as you go through the installatio
  7. 'Schooner' - Depending on how much footage you wish to convert, I have a solution which I have used. It's labour-intensive, though, and I wouldn't recommend it for gigabytes of footage at-a-time. I had to devise this solution when I made a video of an overseas holiday, was stopped by the weather from achieving all that I set out to do, and had to mix Sony DV footage from a previous trip with MOV footage from my current JVC camcorder. Additionally, my work was in 16:9. The problem was that some of my vacation footage was shot in 4X3 format, before I became aware of the fact, plus, I also wanted
  8. Someone on this thread suggested more 'transitions'. I've been watching videos by people who spent fortunes on 'transitions' for years, and then insisted that every last one of them should be 'seen'. That made me allergic to them and consequently I use only a 'fade to/from dark', and 'cross-fade'. Excessive use of transitions is what marks work down as amateurish in my view. If transitions draw attention to themselves, (as they invariably do), and not as integral parts of the video, they don't belong there. Provide heaps of transitions for those who wish to use them, by all means, but they ha
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