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  1. updating to latest Skype (released last week) brought no improvement. I am definetely getting frustrated, no help available from any channel. I have reported this problem to nch support, answered their download feedback mails - no reaction. I have tried to connect to asterisk, axon and just sjphone (in pc-to-pc mode) -, updated skype, switched off firewalls, treid to use different rtp ports and codecs - nothing helps. Dialing in and out work but when a connection should be established for audio, it just brings the error... --pekkis--
  2. when establishing a call in any direction skype opens the "critical error" window and states a problem with recording device. I checked skype settings and both audio devices are set to uplink. Unfortuntely incoming skype request tries to connect to sip phone over and over bringing even in the end asterisk to hang. versions: skype win200 SP4 asterisk 1.2.0 skype error output details: error=6102 errormsg=Problem with recording device (5010002) os=5.00.2195 (Service Pack 4) version= loggedin= account= audio=Input audio devices : ESS Maestro Uplink , Output au
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