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  1. Ahhh... well you can't. Well you can but only to one skype number at a time. In Uplink's Settings you can set the Skype username to call. Once set then if you call the uplink extension via ExpressTalk you'll be redirected to Skype username which you entered in Uplink. I'm waiting for NCH to build the ability to cater for more than one skype account... then I'm really thinking skype/SIP call centre. Cheers. Fabian
  2. Managed to get this working too. Just remember that whenever you change any settings in Uplink to exit and re open Uplink again. Cheers. Fabian
  3. Hi, I've managed to get Uplink to work with a single incoming Skype call to my Axon pbx then redirected to Express Talk. This works very well. But... how do I call a Skype user from ExpressTalk > Axon > Uplink > Skype? Is Uplink only limited to SkypeOut numbers? Cheers. Fabian
  4. Thanks fulpan. Your suggestion worked for me. Cheers. Fabian
  5. Hello NCH, I've had no problems so far with ExpressTalk and Axon working together. I was even more pleased to see uplink released. I got Uplink installed with the latest version of Skype and now Uplink has some major problems. The Axon pbx 1.06 is at The extension number 102 is set aside for calls from SIP to Skype and back. I get the following in the log (had to manual transcribe this log too!): LINE 1 TIME Uplink Skype2Sip started. LINE 2 TIME SIP Private IP is: LINE 3 TIME SIP Public IP is: LINE 3 TIME SIP Number is: 102@:53248 LINE 4 TIME Attempting to register sip: 102@ LINE 5 TIME Unable to find address of server: LINE 6 TIME Unable to find address of server: LINE 7 TIME Server did not respond to register(sip:102@ LINE 8 TIME Check server details for that line The settings on the SIP tab in Uplink is: Full ' friendly' display name = Skype SIP account number (or user) = 102 Server (SIP proxy or virtual PBX) = Password = test Skype is installed correctly and Uplink has changed the corresponding Audio In and Out in Skype to Uplink. The driver installed by Skype appears to have installed correctly. But whenever Uplink is running I can't accept or make calls from Skype without killing Uplink in Task Manager. When I kill the Uplink process Skype works again. So there are 2 problems: 1) Uplink can't seem to recognise an Axon pbx or there is an error in Uplink in line 3 of the log above. 2) when uplink is running Skype becomes unusable and freezes until I kill the Uplink process in Task Manager where Skype then works again. Cheers, - Fabian
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