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  1. Assume I want to export the current video. A dialog pops up asking me where to save the video. The current save folder is C:\users\peter\Videos How can I change this to a new DEFAULT directory to e.g. D:\videos\output\ for all future exports? Or even better: To save it to the folder of the source but append a postfix "_videopadYYYYMMDD" to filename? How can I tell VideoPad to automatically export it for future exports into 8new) default folder without any prompt? Peter
  2. Ok, if I want to save the current video as shown in the timeline I have to Export it? This would avoid the creation of a project file. Correct? How do I tell VP to save the video "in the same folder as the original, but with a unique number appended"? How do I change the default export folder if I want a fix folder (instead of the option above)?
  3. @Nationalsolo Thats perfect. Thank you. But how do I afterwards save the resulting video with a MINIMUM of re-encoding? From my point of view the part before the deleted part and after the first keyframe after the deleted part shouldn't (need no) be re-encoded. The crirtical step would be to insert a new keyframe at the cut point and only the successive part until the next keyframe must be re-encoded. For the re-encoding the parameters of the remainign video should automatically be adopted without manual intervention. How can I achieve this? Can I do this WIT
  4. Assume I loaded a *.mp4 video into VideoPad. Now I want to delete a certain interval part (e.g. an ad) from inside this video. How do I tell Videopad where I want to set the startpoint and where the endpoint and how to finally delete this marked intervall?
  5. After installation VideoPad has by default a dark theme. Can I somehow switch to a light/other theme? Peter
  6. AsI found out VideoPad installs automatically and without user prompt context menus (e.g. "Convert video file") in Windows Explorer. I see no option to remove the later. Even if I uninstall VideoPad they remain in place. How can I get rid of them? Peter
  7. Whenever I start VideoPad the program prompts me at first to download unfound ffmpeg19.exe. However ffmpeg19.exe is already on my hard disk. Even more: It is already in the installation directory of VideoPad! So how can I tell VideoPad to search for it in its own installation directory first before bothering the user with unnecessary prompts? Is it is necessary/possible: How can I tell VideoPad to search for ffmpeg.exe in different folder e.g. D:\vidoe\ffmpeg\ffmpeg.exe Peter
  8. As far as I can see VideoPad needs a separate folder "Components" with codecs in "C:\Program Files (x86)\NCH Software\Components" I prefer to move VideoPad location resp. Components installation folder to another location (e.g. USB flash drive). if I move the "components" folder then VideoPad cannot find it anymore. This is annoying. Can I somehow tell VideoPad in its settings to auto-search for the "Components" folder inside its own instalaltion folder (wherever it might be)? if not: Can this portablility feature be aded in the next release? thank you Peter
  9. I searched the webpages for the version of the current most recent WP software. Where can I get it? Autors should put this basic info on their webpage Peter
  10. Ich will zwei Audiotracks (*.mp3) visuell miteinander vergleichen. (Wie) geht das mit WavePad? Angenommen ich will den ersten Audiotrack eins.mp3 ab der Sekunde 12 plus 300 Millisekunden mit dem zweiten Audiotrack "zwei.mp3" komplett überschreiben (nicht addieren sondern die Audiotöne komplett ersetzen). Sollte der zweite Audiotrack kürzer als der erste sein dann soll nach dem ENde des zweiten Audiotracks wieder das Audiomaterial des ersten Tracks genommen werden. Wie kann ich das mit Wavepad machen? Peter
  11. Ich will die aktuellen Settings in eine Datei speichern und bei Bedarf bzw. auf einem anderen Rechner wieder einspielen. Wie geht das mit WavePad? Ich finde kein "Export settings" Peter
  12. Was genau ist der Unterschied der "Pro" zur "FRee" Version? Ist die Free Version Feature oder Time-Limited? Gibt es eine tabellarischen vergleich? Kann ich bei der Installation auch einen (anderen) Installationsordner angeben? Peter
  13. Wo Genau kann man die Menüs auf englisch umschalten? Peter
  14. Have a look at this snapshot from my WinExplorer context menu for *.rar extensions: http://img16.imageshack.us/my.php?image=ca...90313072008.png
  15. How do I tell Express Burn to a) Start an Mutli-Session data burning or b ) Start a disc-at-once with finalizing data burning? I found no setting which let me choose among these options Peter
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