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  1. Since my last posting has yet to be answered, my expectations are rather low. But does anyone know how to rename the dictation files once they've been loaded into the window? Somehow I was able to do it before, but now when I do it, when I run the program again, the changed names have gone back to their defaults. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
  2. Hello all, The sound quality becomes heavily distorted for me when replaying it at slow speeds. I was expecting this to happen to some degree, but the DSS Player software (which I do NOT prefer, as you cannot control it from outside of the program) does not to it to the same degree. Is there anything I can do to limit this? A preference setting I have overlooked? Thanks, DoctorJBA
  3. I figured it out. So I'll reply to my own message, since nobody else has. If anyone else has had the same problem, it's actually really easy: go to Preferences, click the Control tab, click Add. When it prompts you to press any key combo, do it WHILE that dialogue window is open (for some reason I couldn't figure that out). You then choose what function you want to assign to that key combo. Try not to use a combo you already use often in another app (Word, for example), such as Command-I for Italics, as the Scribe function will override it! Best, DoctorJBA
  4. Hello all! I tried looking up how to assign functions to the system wide hot keys in the Help file, but the link to the section on hot keys doesn't work! Could someone please outline how to do this, so I can playback, pause, rewind, etc, from within MS Word? Thanks so much, DoctorJBA
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